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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Sycamore class!

Wow, this Wellbeing Wednesday does seem to have come by so quickly!

The sun is shining, so I hope it will stay that way and you can all have a great day. There was so much hard work from lots of you yesterday, well done!


Parents, you will notice that there has been a link added in the 'keeping safe online' folder, which can be found from the main class page. By following this link, you will be taken to some home learning packs produced by the thinkuknow. This website has automatically updated and so when you click on this now, you will see another pack of activities - they are only 15 minutes long and are really good. Please do try to do these with your children.



Today, I’d like all of you in the class to read the same poem from the book that we started to enjoy last week.


Please go to page 97, where you will find the poem and an illustration

A-Viking in the Springtime by Jonny Duddle


I really enjoyed reading this poem and the images of Spring in it.


Today, please could you neatly write the date, the name and the author of the poem and then carefully copy this poem into your English book

(if you have your pen license, then use your handwriting pen).

It’s a great chance to really focus on your handwriting and for those of you who don’t have your pen license to practice working towards it!


Then practice reading the poem out loud a few times. Can you learn the poem off by heart (that means without having the poem in front of you to read from)? Try reading a line, and then saying it out loud without having the poem in front of you. Keep adding on more lines. You’ll be surprised  how easy it starts to become after some practice J

Then can you perform the poem to your family? Perhaps an adult could record you performing it and then send it for other family members such as your grandparents to enjoy too!

If you are happy for the class to see your video of you performing the poem, then we can create a section in the class gallery to add your video for you and your classmates to enjoy listening to each other.


Add some illustrations and carefully colour them in too, to really make your page beautiful.



There was some careful timetabling on Monday of activities you were doing! Great! Yesterday you all became much more confident with the vocabulary to use to describe when things happen.

Today I would like you to compare the time that you spent on Monday with the activities that you will do today.

So, you will need to carefully draw a neat table in your book like this to fill in and compare the activities that you do today with what you did on Monday:

Activity yesterday

Activity today


Physical (Joe Wicks + Pav Challenge)

30 minutes + 20 minutes = 50 minutes

Joe (Wicks + a bike ride) 30 minutes+ 45 minutes= 1 hour and 15 mins

25 minutes more today

Maths = 30 minutes

Maths = 55 minutes

25 minutes more today





It would be really helpful if you could compare the time that you spend on 3 activities. Remember to use your clock to help you to compare the times. J


Wellbeing Wednesday

Today, hopefully the weather will be nice, so that you can spend a few minutes outdoors, being mindful and taking time to notice our senses and the things around us.

We have had a go at this activity in class, in the past. I wonder how it will be different for you to have a go at this at home in your garden?

Enjoy your time J



Last week, we enjoyed listening to a piece of music, from the BBC 10 pieces, like we have been in class.

This week, as it is VE day this Friday, I have something a little different that I would like you to do. I would like you to have a go at singing and signing along to a song which has been specially written for this occasion. Please visit:

Here you will find some information about what VE day is and why it is so special this year in particular. There is also a little clip on the website (scroll down a little) featuring the composer and singer for ‘Take You Home’,  Laura White.


Then, visit the website below to sing and learn the sign language to go with it! The lyrics for the song are also on this page.


And then finally, as it’s Wellbeing Wednesday, there is some nice, calm colouring you can do to make your own VE day bunting, which you can display in your windows at home. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, you can make and design your own bunting to colour in!

Have a wonderful day! 

I look forward to seeing all your hard work,

Mrs Crosswell wink

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