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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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In your green maths book: 


a) Two maths puzzles to have a go at today.  The first one is to do with visual reasoning, the second one is to do with logic with numbers.  I'll put the answers tomorrow!

In your purple writing book:


b) On Monday, we looked at the spelling pattern of words ending in -ar.  Here are some more: 

spectacular     familiar     circular     singular     similar     burglar     vinegar     extracurricular

i) Can you read all of the words out loud?  Remember in this spelling pattern, the 'ar' is a 'schwa' sound, like the 'er' in trainer. 

ii) Do you know what they all mean?  Discuss them with an adult, or look up any you don't know in a dictionary. 

iii) Choose 5 of them to put into 5 sentences.  Extend each sentence with a relative clause, i.e. use the word which/who/whose/where to add a detail. 

e.g. The pupils at Millfield Primary School, who are amongst the finest in the land, benefit a range of extracurricular activities. 


c)  Back to yesterday's Word Of The Day, which I'm sure you remember, was a word ending only in an 'a', not 'ar', despite making the same sound: peninsula.

Follow this link to look at some famous, and beautiful peninsulas from around the world: 

(Thank you Mrs B!)


c) Today, use your imagination to create your own beautiful peninsula....and draw it!  Perhaps draw it as a map from a birds-eye view, or however you picture it - coloured in, naturally.  Write a paragraph to explain what it is like on your fantasy peninsula, and why people should visit there.  


Again, why not draw and write outside if you can?  It might help your imagination of your fantasy place! 

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