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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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a) Spend some time on Activelearn this morning.  Play several different maths games to practise a few different skills.  Have a go on 'Hit the button' too, and practise any table you think you need to.  A score of 20 is a good score; over 30 is excellent.  If your knowledge of the tables is good, then try the 'mixed' option and the 'division facts'. 

Also, spend a little time reading one of the books on there - if you read a lot of story books, why not try one of the non-fiction books on there?  These books are good as they get you to do some questions and activities along the way. 


In your purple writing book


b) Carry on with your History timeline if you didn't finish it yesterday!  If you're really proud with your finished product with this, do send it through to me.  History is my favourite subject!


c)  Science.  Our science topic for the summer term is about plants.  To start off with this, follow the link below to the BBC bitesize page about plants.  Watch the video clip and read the information.  There is a very easy activity to do on the page too!  

In your book, draw a diagram of a typical plant (like the one on the activity) and label the four main parts: roots, stem, leaf, flower, with an explanation of the function of each of these parts.  Roots have two functions!  You ought to use words like 'nutrients' and 'photosynthesis' in your explanations.  


Look out of your window.  How many plants can you name?  Can you tell the difference between an oak tree and a sycamore tree?  Can you identify plants such as conifers, shrubs, primroses and pansies, roses, ferns, heather, any herbs or vegetable plants?  Can you learn any more specific names like hydrangea, aquilegia, lavender, eucalyptus?  (This isn't to write down - just for your own general knowledge!)


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