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In your green maths book


a) Rounding is where we change a number to a near whole number, or multiple of 10, 100 or 1000, in order to make the number easier to use.  To round to the nearest 100, you are going to the nearest number that ends in two zeros.  If the tens is 50 or above, you will round up.  If it is below 50, you will round down.  

e.g. 367 --> 400.        543 --> 500.       6,392 --> 6,400.      2,250-->3000.


In your book, complete the rounding work that is on the sheet attached.  When you have completed them, the answers are listed below, so you can self-check.  


Remember there is a game on Abacus (on Activelearn) for practising rounding too.  


b)  Spend 15 minutes practising your times tables.  Use 'Hit the button', or use one of the two links to games at the bottom of this page.  The balloon invaders one is hard - only have a go at this if you are really confident with your tables!  (It might require a keyboard to play it though). 


In your purple writing book:


c) Do the 'Word of the day' activity attached below


d) Do some research and make notes today, ready for some writing tomorrow.  

Pick a country, any country!  Find out as much as you can about a foreign country, perhaps one you know nothing about!  Interesting ones to do might be Japan, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Brazil...but there's a huge range of choice!  

Can you find your country on a map?  What can you find out about......its language?  Population?  Culture?  History?  Food?  What is its geography like - features such as mountains, rivers, jungles?  Is it a rich country?  What kind of jobs do the people who live there do?  Is there anything in particular that it exports (ie. sells to other countries, like the UK)?  Is it a tourist destination?  Does it have any interesting animals that live there?  How does it compare to the UK in terms of population, size, wealth? 

Make notes on all of these things, plus anything else you find out, in your purple book.  


Use books, an atlas if you have one, or there will be lots of internet pages.  It is quite likely you could find an 'Introduction to ______' video about your chosen country on YouTube. 

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