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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Answers to yesterday's English:

Brown belt level:

1.  pair - pear

2.  their - there (or they're)

3.  grate - great

4.  hare - hair

5.  weight - wait

6.  knows - nose

7.  eight - ate

8.  not - knot

9.  here - hear

10.  mite - might


Black belt level:

1.  night - knight

2.  doe - dough

3.  slay - sleigh

4.  morning - mourning

5.  vein - vain or vane

6.  key - quay

7.  sort - sought

8.  him - hymn

9.  isle - aisle

10.  sauce - source


In your green maths book:


a)  Revision of Roman numerals.  

Can you remember each of the numerals up to 100?

I = 1

V = 5

X = 10 

L = 50

C = 100


From these 5 letters, you can create any number up to 400!  

The rules of Roman numerals are:

i) For ones, tens and hundreds, if you need to show more than show the symbol more than once!  So 30 is XXX.   200 is CC.  3 is III. 

ii)  You never have a symbol more than three times in a row.  

iii)  To show a 'less than' amount, you put the symbol being taken away in front of the larger symbol.  So for example, the number 4 is not IIII (because you don't have four in a row).  Instead, 4 is thought of as 'one less than five', so it is IV.  

iv)  Think of each 2-digit number as the separate tens and units.  So the number 49 is not IL (even though it is one less than 50).  Instead, 40 is XL (ten less than 50) and nine is IX (one less than ten).  So 49 = XLIX. 

99, likewise, is not IC.  It is XCIX.  (90 and 9 put together, rather than 'one less than one hundred').  


Over to you!  

1.  Write out the numbers one to twenty in Roman numerals.  

2.  Read these Roman numerals and write down what numbers they are showing:

a)  XXV    b)  XXXII   c)  LIV    d)  XXIX    e)  LXXVII    f)  XCIV


3.  Write these numbers as Roman numerals:

a)  35 =        b)  24 =      c)  53 =       d)   75 =      e)   110 =    f)  98 = 



I've put the answers below for you to check when you've finished!


There is also a link to a Roman numerals game you can play, if it works successfully on your device!  Level 1 is easy, but it gets more challenging!  You could perhaps do Level 1 of this game before doing the work in your book, to remind yourself of the smaller numbers (i.e. below 20) in Roman numerals.  Then carry on from Level 2 for more of a challenge!


In your purple writing book:


b)  Choose one of these two English activities to do today!  

One of the pictures filled me with joy....although I would rather do writing about the other one!  See which one you would prefer to do.  Don't worry about doing the entire page - choose which of the writing activities you would like to do (listed underneath 'Story starter' on each page).  You ought to be aiming to work for around 30 minutes on this, once you have looked at the picture and read the suggested activities.  The forest picture suggests a story; the technology one suggests a few different writing tasks. 



Answers to the maths:

1.  Write out the numbers one to twenty in Roman numerals.  


2.  Read these Roman numerals and write down what numbers they are showing:

a)  XXV  = 25

b)  XXXII   = 32

c)  LIV    = 54 

d)  XXIX    = 29

e)  LXXVII    = 77

f)  XCIV = 94


3.  Write these numbers as Roman numerals:

a)  35 =        XXXV

b)  24 =        VVIV

c)  53 =        LIII

d)   75 =      LXXV

e)   110 =    CX

f)  98 =       XCVIII

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