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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

Calendar Dates

  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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Remember today it is also important to:

  • Get active!  (Joe Wicks work out, running, bouncing, obstacle courses, football, go on a walk or a bike ride – so many ways to keep moving)!
  • Read for at least 20 minutes. 



Take a look at this spelling pattern


–tion (words  ending in tion)








Over the next couple of days we are going to practise ‘The possessive apostrophe’ (singular nouns) We use an apostrophe ('s) to show that one person/thing owns or is a member of something.


Can you see how it has been used in the words in the table below?




the girl’s

the child’s

the man’s



Enjoy watching the first clip with a bird explaining how to use the possessive apostrophe.


Using the pdf (in the extra resources section named ‘Tuesday and Wednesday possessive apostrophe’) work through the document over the next two days to practise this skill.


Tuesday Maths

Warm Up – Quick fire adding, roll a dice or pick out a number card (pack of cards/numbers written on bits of paper) and add them. How many can you do in 5 minutes?

5 x tables

First make sure you can count in 5s, at least up to 65! Then have a look at the clips and activities on BBC Daily Learning (link below) or have a go at our Maple challenges!

Your challenge today is to make a 5 times table game to help you to learn your facts. There is a blank board game template at the bottom of the page OR you could write the facts onto lolly sticks/strips of card and play KABOOM! (see the picture below to remind you of KABOOM).

Another fun maths game which can be used for practising tables is 4 in a row. Take turns to pick a square, then answer the question in your chosen colour. The first to 4 in a row wins! Here is a 4 in a row grid you could copy or a printable version is at the bottom of the page.


2 x 5

6 x 5

5 x 3

7 x 5

9 x 5

_ x 5 = 15

8 x 5

5 x 10

0 x 5

__ x 5 = 20

11 x 5

12 x 5

5 x 4

2 x 5

1 x 5

5 x 7

__ x 5 = 25

5 x 5

10 x 5

__ x 5 = 30

__ x 5 = 55

9 x 5

5 x 3

__ x 5 = 35

8 x 5


Tasty Tuesday

Have fun at some point today helping out in the kitchen! You could bake cupcakes, make your sandwiches or a salad for lunch, or have a look through the Maple and Willow recipe pages for some ideas. Maybe if you’re feeling arty you could draw a picture of your creation or invent a fun menu for your own restaurant!

We will be welcoming back more pupils returning to school from Monday 29th June with 2 bubbles of Year 1 and Year 5.............We will now have 45% of our pupils back in school but have run out of rooms and staff!.............The school continues to remain open as usual to vulnerable children and children of key workers in Years 2-4 (places are limited) - to book a place please contact the school office via or use the contact form on this website .............Take a look at our Noticeboard to see the activities the children in school have been getting up to.....................Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........