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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Good morning Sycamore Class blush

Wow! What a fabulous day with lots of hard work

from you all, well done!

It was really lovely to receive your emails and see everything that you got up to yesterday.

I hope that today is going to be another day of work that is just as great!


Active Start

Today, continue with Joe Wicks if you are enjoying those! 

As a bit of a change, I have a challenge for you from Pav too today. You all really enjoyed the football sessions with Pav in the Autumn term. Have a go! It will certainly need you to be resilient and focussed!


Pav Skill 1

Pav skill1 - can you do this?

If you manage it then try the second skill too, which is just below the video clip.

After a nice, active start, time to get focussed! 

Remember to try to spend a bit of time every day on these following activities:

  • Read for at least 30 minutes - As the weather is getting a bit nicer, perhaps you can spend a bit of time enjoying reading a book in the garden on a blanket? Perhaps you can write a book review once you have finished the book you are currently reading and send it to me by email?
  • Practice times tables for 20 minutes. Year 3’s, you should know: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 by the end of this school year.
  • Practice spellings for 15 minutes

Choose 5 words a day to practice using look, cover, say, write, check.

Highlight the words when you definitely know them.


In class, before we broke up, we were busy learning about and planning our own versions of a traditional tale with a twist. Today I would like you to be a creative storyteller!


Today you will be using leaf puppets to tell stories

You will need:

A few sticks & leaves (maybe go on your family walk before beginning this activity so that you can collect some)

Poster paint or Sharpies

Your favourite story books

Optional video recording device


Begin by reading your favourite story together, or choose your favourite chapter from a longer book. Parents, please encourage your child to read speech using different voices and emotions, according to the feelings of the characters.

Next, go on a hunt in your outdoor space for some leaves and sticks.

If the leaves are wet, pat them dry before using them for your puppets.

At this point, ask your child what they notice about the leaves.


Parents, here are some questions you could ask your child:

How are they different?

How are they similar?

How will you decide which leaf to use for each character? E.g a serrated leaf would suit a bear or a wolf in a story.


Let your child decide which characters they will create using leaves. Then use either poster paint or sharpies to draw on the leaves. If using poster paint, cotton earbuds work well to detail the  characters. Then use string to wrap around the base of the leaf and attach to a stick (see photo below).

Now you are going to complete some drama based on the story your child has chosen. Begin by role-playing with your child using the leaf puppets. Ask them to retell the story and use different voices to emphasise characters' emotions.

If you have a video recording device, then record your child's performance and watch it back together. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their public speaking skills and reflect on their performance. Thinking about the positives and points to improve further.

If you are happy to share your child’s stick puppet performance on this class page, please email me a copy of the recording to:

Example of some leaf puppets

Example of some leaf puppets 1


Did you know?

About 71% of planet Earth is covered in water. No wonder it is known as the "blue planet"!

Last week, it was World Water Day on the 22nd March. The aim of this day is to focus attention on the importance of water. About 2.1 billion people in the world don't have access to clean water at home. World Water Day helps us to think about ways to help those who have less clean water or who are suffering drought and famine.

We are very fortunate to be able to turn a tap on and have clean drinking water. Many people do not have this luxury.

Here's your challenge for today!

 Water, Water Everywhere!

Q. A large jug holds 1 litre in total. Lottie fills an empty jug with 850ml of water. How much more water does she need to fill the jug completely?

Perhaps you can find a 1l bottle and a jug and have a go at solving this yourself, practically?

Perhaps an adult can take and send in a picture of you busy at work doing your practical maths?

 Ready for a Challenge?

Two bottles and a glass of water together contain 1300ml of water. One bottle contains 500ml. How many millilitres does one glass contain? Can you show your calculation and answer using a number sentence? Record it in your maths book.


This term we had been focusing on 'States of Matter' in class.

Visit: to revise some of the areas which we already learnt about in class. Then see if you can find at least 5 different examples around your home of a solid, liquid and a gas.

Write the today's number date and the title:

Examples of different states of matter in my home

Then write a list or draw and label the examples that you have found.

Send me a picture of your work to load to our class page!


If you wish to investigate further, I have also attached an idea page for you to investigate with an adult at home. You will need to freeze a toy into some water to do this activity though, so perhaps take a look and set this off to freeze in the morning whilst you get busy doing your other learning activities smiley


If you are able to use a laptop etc for 5 minutes each day, then this is a fabulous way to continue learning Spanish. An adult will need to help you to go to:

Then the adult will need to help you to set up a completely free account. Then you can decide how many minutes a day you would like to spend learning Spanish. 5 minutes a day would be plenty. 

The benefit of this is that the vocabulary is read out to you to listen to in Spanish and then you can repeat it to practice your own pronunciation. The layout is great too!

Have a go, I've tried a few lessons and I think that they are great!

Have a great day!

Mrs Crosswell laugh

Our fabulous puppet story telling!

Still image for this video
Today Sycamore class has enjoyed making puppets to tell their stories.
Enjoy listening to some of your classmate's stories here :-)

Measuring and problem solving!

Super Science!

We will be welcoming back more pupils returning to school from Monday 29th June with 2 bubbles of Year 1 and Year 5.............We will now have 45% of our pupils back in school but have run out of rooms and staff!.............The school continues to remain open as usual to vulnerable children and children of key workers in Years 2-4 (places are limited) - to book a place please contact the school office via or use the contact form on this website .............Take a look at our Noticeboard to see the activities the children in school have been getting up to.....................Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........