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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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In your green maths book:


a) Area of rectangles.  This is an easy one to work out if we know our times tables!  The area of a rectangle is just the length x the width.  So if you have a rectangl

e that measures 6cm by 4cm, then it's area is 24cm². 

In your book, draw each of these rectangles, and write what their areas are (you can check you've calculated correctly by counting the squares!)

1.  A 6cm by 3cm rectangle.

2.  A 4cm by 8cm rectangle. 

3.  A 5cm by 5cm square.  

4.  A 7cm by 4cm rectangle.  


Now to do it backwards!  Say a rectangle has an area of 12cm².  How long are the sides?  Well, there are three possible answers: it could be 12cm x 1cm; 6cm x 2cm; or 4cm by 3cm.  

Draw all of the different possible rectangles that have an area of:

5. 18cm²

6.  24cm²


In your purple book:


b) Try some outdoor writing! 

Isaac Newton, apparently, was under lockdown at his home in the 17th century, when there was an outbreak of bubonic plague (much scarier than the corona virus).  It was during this time that he observed the falling of the apple from the tree that led to his train of thought of the explanation of gravity - and all of the other laws of physics that followed from this.  Simply by being outside and watching an apple fall!  

So, try this: sit outside and do......nothing.  For 5 minutes.  Just observe.  Watch and listen.  Observe plants, or birds, or animals, or insects, or human activity.  It depends what you can see!  And see where your thoughts take you.  

And then....write about it.  Whatever you have observed and thought about.  Can you write for 20-30 minutes?  Can you fill half a page with your thoughts?  

There is no 'wrong' about is just writing about your observations and thoughts!  Get creative!  And enjoy being outside!


c)  Complete the 'Word of the day' activity below.


d) Yesterday, you were asked to look at some British rivers.  Can you remember the longest 3 in the country? 

Today, can you find out a little bit about some major world rivers?  Can you find out 2-3 facts about each of the following, including where they are of course!  Find out a little about: 

1.  The Nile.  2.  The Amazon.  3.  The Mississippi. 4.   The Congo.  5.  The Yangtze.  


(This does need to only be 2-3 facts about each one!  There are vast amounts you could learn about each of them, but you ought only spend 30-45 minutes doing this!) 


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