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In your green math's book:


a) More work on time.  Choose one of the levels of work to do below.  For today's work, you are going to need to add on or to subtract time, with a clock face to help you.  (For example, if the time is 2:30pm, what time will it be in 2 and a half hours?  It will be 5:00pm.)  The 'Brown belt level' features clocks and times that are all on the half hour.  The 'Black belt level' is more challenging.  

There are four clock faces, each with four questions, so I would set it out in your book as: 

1.  a) 





2.  a) 


          and to just write the digital answer for each one.  When you have finished, the answers are below the question sheet when you scroll down.  No peeking!  


In your purple writing book:


b)  Chronology understanding.  Make a timeline of some British History from the last thousand years.  

Make a timeline so that from every century since 1000, you write down:

i) someone who was King/Queen in that century and a fact about them (try to choose the most interesting or important one!)

ii) an event that happened that century, perhaps with the year.  


Set the centuries out in your book in order, so it could look like this: 


1000s - William the Conqueror became King after defeating Harold.  Domesday book written in 1085.


1100s - Henry II.  He was also the King of parts of France.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is murdered in the Cathedral in 1170 by the King's knights.  


1200s - Edward 1.  etc.


  and all the way up to 2000s! 


Use the website link below to help you.  Start by clicking on the 'Normans' section on the timeline, which then has a timeline for each of the 1000s, 1100s, 1200s, 1300s and 1400s.  You will then need to click on the 'Tudors' section for the 1500s, and then the 'Stuarts' for the 1600s.  There is a lot of information on each of the pages/timeline sections, so don't worry about reading it all.  Skim read over each century and see if anything familiar or important-looking catches your eye! 

If you're feeling arty, you could of course include a small illustration for each century to bring it to life.  


I hope you find this task interesting and that it helps your overall knowledge of an overview of British history!  (It might help you realize that there have been far worse things that have happened in history than the coronavirus too!)

If it's taking a little while, don't rush it - there'll be plenty of time tomorrow too!


Watching an episode of Horrible Histories is always good for history knowledge too - you can find all the episodes on BBC iPlayer.



C) If you didn't already yesterday, have a look at the 'Keeping Safe Online' link and/or the the 'Flappy' Coding activity.  Links on the main page. 




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