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Tuesday 21st April

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a good Monday and managed to have a productive day. Hopefully you managed to get out for some fresh air, it was a bit chilly with the breeze but at least it was sunny again. What did you get up to in your free time?  I enjoyed playing junior monopoly with my little boy during our break, it’s one of his favourites and he always seems to beat me – I end up bankrupt every time!


Today’s theme for Tuesday is: ‘Tuneful Tuesday’.

Ask the people you live with what their favourite songs are and spend time listening to them. Talk about why you like the songs and how they make you all feel.


Don’t forget anything if you are unsure about anything or if there is any work you wish to share please email us.


I have also enclosed an extra activity in our resources section that you could do this week on any day. It’s an outdoor nature activity. It is purely optional but you may like to give it a go and also enjoy the fresh air whilst completing it. It’s called ‘Scavenger hunt’. Hope you like it! I’m certainly going to encourage my children to have a go at this one.


The BBC launched on Monday 20th April live lessons which can be accessed online or via iplayer or the red button. They have a week’s worth of lessons covering a variety of subjects. Each lesson has video links to watch and activities to go alongside the learning objective. Miss Barrett and I will highlight ones that are particularly useful for you to look at, and of course if there’s anything there that takes your interest feel free to explore some of the topics to extend and enrich your learning further. To access the site visit


We recommend using the suggested timetable to organise your day, however if you wish to complete learning activities in a different order that’s absolutely fine. Today’s learning includes an art lesson (creative) but you may have other creative things that you may want to also include in the day.

Have a good day!

Mrs Ashby and Miss Barrett



Tuesday's Learning tasks:

1.Start your day with an Active Start, we have made lots of suggestions for you to have a go at and it would be super to continue with Pav’s challenge, as it builds up through the week.


2. Read your book for 20 minutes. Or you could read a book from Bug Club.


3. Complete a maths quiz on diagnostic questions. 


4. Maths: This week we are looking at averages. Recap on how to calculate the mean by looking at the Mean poster. Then answer the questions on ‘Tuesday maths mean questions’, answers will be posted on our class page on Wednesday. Today you will be able to check and mark your answers from yesterday Tuesday by opening up the document ‘Monday Maths Mean answers’.


5. Further Maths to have a go at! Visit the White Rose website and complete Summer term week 1 (w/c 20 April) lesson 2 - ‘Angles in a Triangle’.


6. Complete the word of the day activities - see below. 


7. Visit Active learn website and select a maths and/or a SPAG activity to complete.


8. Writing challenge for the week: See document in Resources and Web Links section. Continue with this activity!


9. ART

Today, I would like you to open the document called, ‘Art lessons 2 to 6’ (in Resources and Web Links – see yesterday’s document) focus on the pages 15 and 16. We are learning how to create a close observational drawing using the techniques we have learned over these lessons (texture, tone and shading).


Activity: Ask an adult or older sibling to take a photograph using a smart phone or digital camera. The photograph needs to be a close up picture of your hands eg both hands clasped together, a hand holding an object such as a pen or lolly etc. Try and make the picture interesting. Then using the image, carefully sketch what you see using all the sketching techniques you have been learning. 

You may want to do a pencil sketch first and then have a go using pencil crayon.

Once you have completed your sketch, look carefully to see what techniques you used.

You could create a colourful frame to go around your sketch.


I would love to see your creations, take a photo and send to the class email – we can put your examples up on our class page in the section called ‘Your Work’ which is in each week’s page.


10. Remember to build in some quiet time, creative time and outdoor time!


Have a good day!


Mrs Ashby and Miss Barrett



Word of the day


  1. What is the definition of jubilant?
  2. Write a statement using it.
  3. Synonyms – (words that have a similar meaning)
  4. Antonyms (words that have the opposite meaning)
  5. Create a word art design or graffiti style design  – you could do this on a computer or draw and decorate on paper
  6. Think of a time when you were really jubilant and tell someone in your family about it.


You will need a dictionary and a thesaurus for these activities, if you don’t have these use an online dictionary or thesaurus.



The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers or vulnerable children who may attend for a mixture of educational and care based provision on weekdays between 8.50a.m. and 3.00p.m.. Please contact the school via email on or use the contact form on this website to book your place..............Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........