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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Answers to yesterday's maths: 


1.  23,478 or twenty three thousand, four hundred and seventy eight.

2.  87,432 or eighty seven thousand, four hundred and thirty two.

3.  48,732.

4.  78,234.  


Today's activities!


 In your green maths book:


a)  Choose the level of calculation for you to do.  You ought to be able to solve these mentally by using place value. Basically, make sure you look at the correct column.  For example, to solve 43,587 + 5,000, you only need to look at the 3,000 and 5,000, to make 48,587. 

There are three addition and three subtraction. 


Brown belt:


1.  42,500 + 6,000 =                       2.   87,250 - 30,000 = 

3.  28,918 + 30,060 =                     4.   94,880 - 3,050 = 

5.  48,515 + 20,060 =                     6.   36,238 - 11,111 = 


Black belt: 


1.  35,618 + 5,050 =                      2.   58,928 - 22,222 = 

3.  99,999 + 1,001 =                      4.   73,485 - 70,085 = 

5.   17,650 + 2,350 =                     6.   50,005 - 10 = 


In your purple writing book: 


b)  Choose 5 of the words from the Year 3/4 spelling words list in the front of your book.  Practise how to spell them using the Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check method, three times each.  

Write 5 sentences to use each of the words to show its meaning.  In each sentence, can you also use an apostrophe which shows 'possession' i.e that something in the sentence belongs to somebody.  

e.g. build.         We decided that we would build a tower, using Steven's Lego.  

e.g. favourite    The vanilla ice-creams are Rachel's favourite ones.  


c)  Something a bit different! 

  Follow the link below to the BBC's Ten Pieces page.

    i) Watch the video that shows the piece of music. 

    ii)  Watch the video where the poet talks you through how to write your own 'journey' poem. 

    iii) It then shows you how you can send your poem to the BBC team.  Or (and!) you can email it to me!  Be creative!


d) Geography knowledge.  Can you write an A-M (i.e. the first 13 letters of the alphabet....unless you fancy doing a full A-Z!), writing the name of one country of the world for each letter? 


e.g. A = Angola

       B = Bulgaria 

       C = Croatia           (but obviously come up with your own....there are several for each of these letters!)

  etc down to M =                         


Do all the letters you can think of an example for first.  If you have any gaps, look at a world map to help you.  There is a link to an online one below.

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