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Good morning Chestnut Class!


Happy Tuesday!  Thank you so much for sending in some photos of your home learning – it’s great to see your completed tasks as well as new activities you are doing while you are at home.

Here is your learning for Tuesday:


Active time

Choose a physical activity that you will enjoy. This might be:

  • Daily workouts with Joe Wicks (on YouTube)
  • Dance class with Oti Mabuse at 11.30 (you’ll have to ask an adult to access it on Facebook for you).
  • Don't forget you can also do some of the activities with Jump Start Jonny!  If you go to his page, there are some free activities you can follow. 



What is your favourite book?

As it is nearly the holidays, why not take a photo of a cover of the book you are reading at the moment, or one of your favourites and email it to me. We can share these in our gallery to give some good ideas for new books to read.


Remember to read as much as you can while you are at home. You can choose all sorts of books. There are also plenty to choose from on Bug Club. If you need different books on there, I can change them for you if your parents email me.



Practise some of the spelling words you need to learn.

Continue to choose 5 a day and use LOOK-SAY-COVER-WRITE-CHECK to practise each one.  Tick off or highlight the words you definitely know.

You could also look at the Spelling City site I have added to our main page as this is a nice online tool to help learn words.



English / RE

Christians will soon be celebrating Easter.   You can read a version of the Easter story by following the link below.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, why not story board the Easter story, using a mixture of pictures and writing explaining some of the key events. When we do this in class, we sometime divide our A4 page into 4 boxes and draw a picture in each box, with some sentences underneath it to explain the story. Or perhaps, if you have some plain paper, you could make a little Easter story book.  You could even draw a cover for the front page.




Telling the time

This week, I would like you to learn and practise how to tell the time using an analogue clock, as well as a digital clock.

Today, continue practising o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. When you are very confident, you can start doing 5 minute intervals “past” the hour. I have put a PowerPoint to help with this in the resources.  We will do “to” the next hour tomorrow.

I have also put a virtual clock at the bottom of our main page which you can use to practise with. 



In your green maths book, practise some grid multiplication. Remember how we do this by partitioning the numbers.

Complete 5 if you can.

  13 x 3=     16 x4 =       18 x 3 =      23 x 3 =      24 x 4=    31 x 4=

23 x 6 =    33 x 8=       42 x 6 =    27 x8=     45 x8 =     27 x9=


Like this:

eg, 24 x 4 =


x 20 4
4 80 16


80+16 = 96


Times tables

Practise your tables every day!

3s, 4s and 8s for Year 3. 

Year 4 - when you know these, concentrate on 6s and 9s next.

Write out the table you are learning from memory. Then ask an adult to muddle them up. Ask them to test you.

You can also play Hit the Button online, which is an easy and fun way to practise tables.



New Skills

Perhaps you have been learning to do something new at home. Some of Chestnut class have been baking, drawing or doing yoga. What are you learning to do? I am planning to learn how to crochet again as I haven’t done it for a few years. I will let you know how I get on!



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