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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Good morning Sycamore Class!


So, here it is Sycamore, our very last day together. It really isn’t quite how we all imagined it would be, but it’s going to be super, I hope!

Make a game

Usually, our last day at school is ‘games day’, a day when you can bring in toys, a pack of cards or board games to play all together with your classmates. Let’s still have our ‘toy and games day’!

I wonder if you can spend some time playing a board game with your siblings or other family members?

Today you could even make your very own, unique, and one of a kind, creative board game, ready to play for when you do see your good school friends next time?

It might be that you make your own version of snakes and ladders? Perhaps you can design your own pack of playing cards? Maybe your own version of guess who?

So, today enjoy some time playing your own favourite game and then making one of your own to share with and play with friends when you see them J

Enjoy your outdoors

Hopefully, we will enjoy more of the beautiful weather that we have had over the last few weeks, over the summer holidays. Here is a list of lots of fun activities that you can do in your own back garden! I wonder how many you will be able to do before you go back to school in September?

Print off your own checklist if you like and enjoy J

Send in a picture if you like of you enjoying your outdoor space!

Science Sparks!

You already have the James Dyson Science Challenges in the resources section, but here are some more fun and different Summer Science Challenges for you too!

Print off these Science Challenges and see how many you can do before you come back to school in September.

Pick one today and have fun with it! I wonder which you will choose?

‘50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾’ and the ‘6 Badges of Summer’ challenge from Blue Peter

And of course, there are still the 50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾ and the 6 Badges of Summer challenge from Blue Peter to continue with too. These are wonderful challenges, so please do keep up the hard work with them!

I do really hope all of you manage to get a superb Blue Peter Badge this year!


Have a wonderful, restful, and relaxing Summer Holidays Sycamore class. It has been wonderful teaching you this year, both in class and online. I shall miss you all lots, and will always remember you all and this wonderful and unique time that we have shared together.

Sycamore class, you have truly been super stars!

With very best wishes always, from Mrs Crosswell x


We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th September...........................Please take a look at the Noticeboard for the latest update on our plans for a safe return to school.......Take a look at our new class pages for September 2020 and find out about your new teacher who has suggested some fun ideas for you during the summer holidays if you are looking for inspiration! ...................................... Some teachers have recorded stories for you to listen to on the Video Resource Centre on the Children's section of this website ............................Please take a look around our website to find out more about our Good school..........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........