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Learning activities for today:


Write the date! 


In your purple writing book:


a)  Again, choose 5 words from the spelling lists to practice using the Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check strategy.  Ensure that you know all of the words from the Year 1 and 2 list before you do the Year 3 and 4 words.

b)  Write 5 sentences using each of your words.  Add a relative clause to the sentence by using the words 'which' or 'who'. 


e.g. believe.  Sophie, who was a very scientific-minded girl, did not believe in unicorns. 


c)  Undertake some research about an aspect of learning to do with the Ancient Egyptians, ready to produce a poster page about it.  (Suggested topic areas are listed on the letter in your purple book).  Follow the links below to some useful websites for this.  


In your green maths book:


d) Practice a times table again.  Either write it out into your book, or play a game like Hit The Button or Penguin Jump (on


e)  Practice simplifying fractions.  

To do this, you need to look at the numerator and the denominator of a given fraction.  Identify which times table they are both in.  Then divide both the numerator and denominator by that number.  

For example, 12/20.  

The number 12 and the number 20 are both in the 4x table, so we will divide both of those numbers by 4.  12 divided by 4 is 3, and 20 divided by 4 is 5. 

So that means that 12/20 = 3/5.  


Here are some fractions to simplify:  


1.  8/12 =

2.  15/20 = 

3.  70/100 = 

4.  8/10 = 

5.  20/30 = 


And a bit harder: 


6.  27/63 = 

7.  16/40 = 


I'll post the answers to these on Wednesday, so you can check if you were right! 


Answers to yesterday's Easter Egg numbers puzzle:


1.  7 and 3. ( 7+3=10 and 7-3=4).


2.  3 and 9. ( 3+9=12 and 3+3+9=15).


3. 8 and 5. (5+8=13 and 5+5=10).


4. 11 and 3. (11+3=14 and 11-3-3=5).


5. 4 and 8. (4+8=12 and 4+8+4=16).



The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers who may attend for holiday care on weekdays between Thursday 2nd April and Friday 17th April (excluding Bank Holidays). Please contact the school via email on or use the contact form on this website.