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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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In your purple writing book:


a) Today, undertake a little reading comprehension.  This is important to make sure that you can look for little clues in what you are reading and understand it all.  

Read the attached story about King Arthur, and then answer the questions into your book.  


It uses some great language in the story.  

i) "Sadness descended over Britain" is an example of a metaphor - making it sound as if 'sadness' is an actual, touchable, thing, that is capable of movement.  Can you write down your own interesting metaphor sentence about a feeling?  

ii) "The frost covered the trees like a crystal white blanket" is an example of a simile - comparing one object to another to help the description, by using the word 'like'.  Can you write down your own interesting simile to describe a landscape?  Is it very dry, or very wet as you look out of your window now?


In your green maths book:


Some problems today to do with lengths and heights.  The key thing here is how many centimetres are in one metre, and knowing the simple fractions of a metre in centimetres. 

1 metre = 100cm

1/2 metre = 50cm

1/4 metre = 25cm.


b)  Solve these word problems in your book.  You will need to convert the fraction into the actual number of centimetres to help you in each one. 


1.  There is 2½m of ribbon.  30cm is cut off.  How much ribbon is left?


2.  James is 1¼m tall.  His sister is 15cm taller than James.  How tall is his sister?


3.  A male elephant is 3¾m tall.  A female elephant is 60cm smaller than it.  How tall is the female elephant?


4.  A wall is 2.85m tall.  Gabi puts a picture hook ½m from the top of the wall.  How high up the wall is the hook?


5.  In July a sunflower is 1½m tall.  By August it has grown 60cm taller.  How tall is it in August?


6.  A hedge is 3.62m tall.  Mike cuts ½m from the top of the hedge.  How tall is the hedge now?


7.  A path is 2.8m long.  It needs to be lengthened by another ¾m.  How long is the path now?  





c) Art.  

Have a go doing some 3D drawing!  The link below is to a tutorial for how to draw a 3D hole.  You only need a pencil, black felt-tip (or I'm sure a black pencil would be fine) and an ability not to get the whistling tune stuck in your head! 

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