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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Remember today it is also important to:

  • Get active!  (Joe Wicks work out, running, bouncing, obstacle courses, football, go on a walk or a bike ride – so many ways to keep moving)!
  • Read for at least 20 minutes. 

Thursday Phonics and English



This week we are going to take look at spelling patterns.

Today you are going to be adding the prefix ‘un’. Then practise writing these words!



Root word

Adding the prfix ‘un’












What happens to the meaning of the word when ‘un’ is added? Can you write your answer to this question in a sentence explaining your thoughts.




Look at the pictures below.

We would like you to write some descriptive sentences telling us what you can see.

Could you write noun phrases? Two or three descriptive adjectives can be placed in front of the noun to make a descriptive ‘noun phrase’. For example – The small, fluffy, stripy kitten ran towards the string.

Have a go at using a simile also. We have already looked at these. Remember a simile is when something is ‘like’ or ‘as__ as a’ something else. For example  - He is as funny as a barrel of monkeys. The candle shone like the stars in the night sky.



3 sentences


4 sentences


5 sentences



Karate cats


Thursday Maths

Practise your times tables (you know which numbers you could work on).

Bonds to 100

Watch the BBC clips if you can. Then have a go at the sheet at the bottom of the page. If you can’t print it, please don’t worry! Simply have a go at the Maple challenge below! You may want to use or make 10p coins.

For the spicy challenge – you may need to use our counting up method from yesterday!




7 + __ = 10

5 + __ = 10

__ + 6 = 10

__ + 9 = 10

0 + __ = 10

10 = __ + 3

10 = 4 + __

2 + __ = 10

70 + __ = 100

50 + __ = 100

__ + 60 = 100

__ + 90 = 100

0 + __ = 100

100 = __ + 30

100 = 40 + __

20 + __ = 100

76 + __ = 100

59 + __ = 100

__ + 68 = 100

__ + 89 = 100

19 + __ = 100

100 = __ + 93

100 = 49 + __

75 + __ = 100


Toy Day Thursday

How are old and new toys same and different?

In your home learning pack you should have an ‘Old and new toys’ sorting activity

There is also a “Toys now and then” PPT at the bottom of the page.

Think about how old and new toys are different or the same. Talk to different people in your family about the toys they had when they were little. Can you find out about a really old fashioned toy and draw a picture? The PowerPoint resource at the bottom of this page will be useful. We have also sent you a sorting activity in your home pack. 

PowerPoint Presentation about Toys

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