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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Today's learning

Thursday 4th June 2020









You can choose one of the online workouts to do, such as Joe Wicks.






Academic Time – English



Phonics: You can either use the link to the online daily phonics lesson or practise the following sound. Can you write a sentence using these words?


Set 2 - ow own, blow, snow, grown, thrown  

Set 3 – i-e nice, smile, rice, pine, like


There is now also the option to use videos with longer words on the YouTube channel, if you are feeling more confident with

your phonics sounds!


Spellings: Practise these tricky words and test yourself on Friday. Can you put them in sentences, to make sure you know what they mean? The tricky words to practise this week are:

  • friend
  • school
  • today
  • where
  • house



For English, either choose an activity from your activity book (if you have collected them!) or do the activity below!


Writing Activity: This is linked to our History Learning theme. Write about your favourite toy or game. Tell me how and when you got it and why it is your favourite toy. Was it a present or

did you save up your own money to buy it? How did you feel

when you first got it? Use your senses to describe the toy.

What does it look like? Does it make a noise? How does it feel? Use lots of describing words. Remember to write in full sentences, with finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Use your phonics knowledge to sound out any words you are not sure how to spell. You’ll have chance to finish this tomorrow.  


Reading: Choose an ebook from Bug Club or Oxford Owl.

One I’ve found on Bug Club is called “Rat and Cat – The Dance”. This sounds like a funny story!


If you want any extra activities or ideas, check out the daily online lessons on BBC Bitesize or Oak Academy.









Academic Time – Learning Theme

















Toy Thursday: 

Our History Learning theme is “The History of Toys”. We will

look at toys now and in the past and how toys have changed over time. We are hoping that mums, dads, grandparents and older brothers and sisters will be able to help you with your research.


What do you know about toys?

The first thing that we need to do is to look at the types of

toys that are played with now. There are three activities

you can do to help you with this.

- Draw a picture to go with today’s writing activity about your favourite toy or game.  Make your picture look as much like the toy as you can. Colour it and label the different parts of the toy. There is a “Toy fact file” in the resources that may help you.

- Make a collection of different types of toys or use pictures of toys. Can you sort them into different types? You could group toys together that are soft and furry, or need batteries. You could take photos

of your groups and write your findings in your

Home Learning book.

- We have added two toy-based challenges that you

might want to try. You could either help with a Toy Town

building challenge or arrange a teddy bear’s picnic. Or both.









Why not try an experiment in a jar today? There is a document

on our class page with ideas. Look at this ‘cloud in a jar’! Or, do something else creative such as colouring, painting or making something from playdough!






Time to relax! You could sit quietly with a book, some colouring

or listen to some calming music.




You might want to try one of the yoga poses that helps to calm the mind, such as the Lotus pose or the Childs pose.




Academic Time - Maths



For Maths, either choose an activity from your activity book (if you have collected them!) or do the activity below!


Warm up – You can complete number bonds game on twinkl. You can do the number bonds up to 10:

Or 20:


Activity - Today we will continue to look tens and ones.

Look at the challenges put on the class page. Please e-mail me

if you can't access these.They look like this:



There are 3 challenges for this – you can choose mild, medium or spicy.

Can you work out all of the numbers? Can you read the numbers

to your grown up?

Extra challenge – can you order these numbers from smallest

to biggest?





Active time


Why not get some “fresh air and fun” by going for a walk with

you family or playing in the garden. Remember to stay safe!




Put on some lively music and have a boogie! There’s lots of online video clips you can watch to give you ideas.



We will be welcoming back more pupils returning to school from Monday 29th June with 2 bubbles of Year 1 and Year 5.............We will now have 45% of our pupils back in school but have run out of rooms and staff!.............The school continues to remain open as usual to vulnerable children and children of key workers in Years 2-4 (places are limited) - to book a place please contact the school office via or use the contact form on this website .............Take a look at our Noticeboard to see the activities the children in school have been getting up to.....................Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........