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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Answers to yesterday's maths:

Spot the shapes:   1.  There are 9 triangles.  2.  There are 18 rectangles.

Dan the Detective:   1.  48.    2.  63.


In your green maths book:


a)  Properties of shapes.  

Use the squares in your book, and a ruler, to help you to draw each of the following shapes: 

i) Square  ii) Rectangle  iii) Trapezium  iv)  Kite  v) Isosceles triangle (two sides the same length; one side different)  vi) Parallelogram


For each of the shapes, write next to them these properties: 

Number of right angles = 

Pairs of parallel lines = 

Number of lines of symmetry = 


You could draw on the lines of symmetry as dashed lines as well.  For an example as to what this may look like, follow the link below. 


In your purple writing book:


b)  Follow the link below to the 'Pobble365' website.  It should take you to 'The Magic Library' page - if it doesn't, you may need to go back one day!  You'll see a great picture, and the start of a story.

i) Read the story start.

ii) Answer the 'Question time!' reading questions.

iii) Do the 'Sentence Challenge'.

iv) Extended writing.  Why not go and sit outside to do this task, if you're not already!  Write a further two-three paragraphs as to what will happen next.  Carry on from the line: 'She longed for the magic to happen, and closed her eyes in silent prayer...' 


c) Science.  Follow the link below to the BBC Bitesize website about plants' requirements for growth. 

i) Watch the clip, read the information and do the activity.

ii) Note down in your book what are the key things that a plant needs to grow. 

iii) Outside, see if you can find some plants that don't look healthy.  Can you identify why?  Which of their key requirements is the plant missing?  

iv) Now is the time when lots of seeds are germinating.  Can you find any outside that are just germinating now?  Can you see any where the seed has not germinated in a good place, and will probably not grow to be an established plant in that position?  

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