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Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Sycamore Class,

Firstly well done to all of you who cooked some baking for the VE day bake off competition- seeing the pictures made me feel very hungry! I didn’t realise we had so many fantastic bakers in our class. I made some scones, but ate them all before I remembered to take a picture- oops!



Active Start

How are we getting on with our active starts? I know how much you enjoy them in school, so I hope you’re having as much fun with them at home! Choose something active to get your day started. You could pick from the list below, or think of your own.

  • Joe Wicks workout
  • Oti Mabuse is still doing her daily dance sessions on YouTube (Oti Mabuse Official).
  • Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga (
  • How many laps of you garden can you run in 10 minutes? Record the number and see if you can beat it tomorrow.
  • Set up a carousel of activities in your garden. Use what you can find to make an obstacle course- a slalom to run around, things to jump, something to climb under, some skipping, jogging on the spot, star jumps


Daily Jobs

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Choose somewhere comfortable with your favourite book! Instead of building dens, this week we’ve been reading outside in the garden. It’s so relaxing reading a book while listening to the birds singing.

Don’t forget, you can also read magazines, internet articles, read online using your Bug Club/ Active Learn login. If you have younger brothers or sisters you could read them a story too.  

  • Practise your spellings- choose 5 from the list in your pack. Use ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ to practice them, like we do in class.
  • Practise your times tables. You could do this by writing them down, playing ‘hit the button’ (or other online games on Active Learn), make up a song or rhyme to go with the times tables you’re practising.




Today in maths I want you to think about the place value of numbers. This means thinking about the value of each digit in a number.

For example, this means that in the number 132 the ‘3’ is worth (has a value of) 3 tens, or 30.  But in 352  the ‘3’ is worth 3 hundreds, 300. In 352, the digit 2 has a value of 2 ones, or just ‘2’.


Here are some examples that show place value using base 10 blocks, like we have in school.





In each of the examples below, choose your challenge level and then write down the value of the digit that has been highlighted.



Mild Challenge

Medium challenge

Spicy Challenge





2 ) 






























Eg Mild challenge level

  1. 30


I will give you the answers tomorrow.


If you need more practise, or just enjoyed this activity, here is a game that you could play 




Today I want to look at verbs and adverbs in stories. We have looked at verbs and adverbs before, but here is a reminder:

A verb is an action word. They describe what someone is doing. Eg, jump, clap, sing, cry, read, brushed.


An adverb tells you more about the verb. It tells you where, why or how much something is done. Eg, quickly, loudly, sadly, yesterday, earlier,


Here are some examples






I would like you to work on improving your sentences by choosing interesting verbs and adverbs. Here is a great game to help you practice. Have a go at the game and see if you can improve the story.


If for any reason you can’t get onto the game, have a look in your reading book and write down all of the verbs (eg walked, jumped, strolled, looked) and adverbs (eg slowly, carefully, delicately) that you can find, in two separate lists. Could you change any of these to make the book even better?  



As you know, our science topic for this term is about plants. Last time, we named as many different plants that we could- you sent me some really fantastic lists of plants and trees.


Today I’d like you to follow the link to the BBC bitesize page about plants. Watch the video clip and read the information. There is also a short activity to complete on the page.


In your book, draw a diagram of a typical plant (like the one on the activity) and label the four main parts: roots, stem, leaf, flower, with an explanation of the function of each of these parts.  Remember: roots have two functions!  Try to use words like 'nutrients' and 'photosynthesis' in your explanations.  


One of the new things I have tried during lockdown is flower pressing. I’m really enjoying finding different flowers in my garden and am looking forward to seeing what they look like once they’re pressed. Once you’ve finished the drawing and labelling plants activity, you could give this a go too- it’s really easy! Make sure you check with your parents that you can pick the flowers from the garden, or see if you can find some wild flowers growing in hedgerows during your walks. I’ve found buttercups and cow parsley. But please do NOT pick flowers from other people’s gardens.


Here is a picture of some of the flowers I’ve been pressing.




There are several ways of flower pressing, but the easiest way is to put the flowers in between pieces of newspaper, or parchment paper, and squash them between the pages of a thick book.


If you’re still not sure, here is a short video to explain how to do it.


Once my flowers are pressed and dried, I’m hoping to put them into a picture frame to go on the wall. You could use yours to stick on a bookmark, to decorate a birthday or thank you card, or to add to your diary.  


Well done for another excellent days learning. As always, if you are able to send me pictures of what you’ve been doing I would love to see them.

Mrs Monsey 

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