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Thursday 14th May


Hello everyone!


Yesterday I was in school supervising a few of our key worker children. It was so great to see those of you who were in and I’m looking forward to today!


I had a lovely surprise when I got home yesterday. Our neighbour works for a bakery and brought us lots of delicious pastries! The other day we had three loaves of fresh bread appear on our doorstep too! These acts of kindness are what can make a person smile right now. Can you think of an act of kindness you could do for someone?


As many of us are spending more and more time online at home, it is important for us all to remember that we must keep safe. If we are messaging our friends, we must only send messages that are kind to one another and we shouldn’t be saying anything to anyone that we wouldn’t say to them in person. Remember, any comments you make online do not go away and just because we are using a screen should not be an excuse for being braver and saying comments that are unkind. Treat each other how you would wish to be treated and don’t forget that if you receive anything that makes you upset or uncomfortable then tell an adult straight away. A useful link for parents has been added in the ‘Keeping Safe Online’ sub-page, talk to your parents about this and suggest they look at the advice given to help support you.  


Don’t forget the NHS competition – there is a link for this in our Resources and Web Links section.


VE Baking Competition – This is now closed! Well done to Amy-Rose and Nathan whose cakes are on our class gallery to look at. I wonder who Mrs Harazduik will announce as the school winner?


Today’s theme for Thursday is: Things we can help with

Ask your parents today what you can do to help them around the house. It’s good to work together right now, and they need help too.



Have a great day!

Miss Barrett and Mrs Ashby

Thursday’s learning tasks:


Start your day with an active start. There are lots of options for you:

  • Weekly challenge from Pav
  • Norfolk  School Games Week 1
  • Joe Wicks – daily P.E on YouTube
  • Go Noodle – also available on YouTube
  • Imoves


Read your book for 20 minutes. Or you could read a book from Bug Club.


Complete a maths quiz on Diagnostic Questions


Maths – This week we are looking at ‘Sequences and Properties of Numbers’. For the rest of the week we will look at factors, multiples and prime numbers.


Today’s focus is on prime numbers. To refresh your memory, look at the ‘Prime number poster’ in the resources section, and look at this helpful link:

Then complete the ‘Thursday Prime Detectives’ fun detective activity! Again, the answers are at the bottom of the document so please refrain from looking until you come to mark it! There’s also a ‘Prime Number Challenge’ as an extra activity if you wish.


Further Maths – Visit the White Rose website, ‘Summer Term Week 4’ (week commencing 11th May) and complete Lesson 4 ‘Fractions of an amount’.


Please continue with the writing challenge for the week: See document in Resources and Web Links section.


Complete the word of the day activities – see below.


Visit Active learn website and select a maths and a SPAG activity to complete.

Please continue with the writing challenge for the week: See document in Resources and Web Links section. Continue writing your story today. Once you have finished ask an adult to look over this and edit it with you. Tomorrow you can improve it by making the changes.


Music Look at the BBC Ten Pieces and do this week’s singing activity! You do not have to do the ‘…finally’ step. If you would like to you must ask your parents first. Click on the below link.

I hope you enjoy this!


Word of the day


  1. What is the definition of belonged?
  2. Write two questions using the WOD.  
  3. Synonyms – (words that have a similar meaning)
  4. Antonyms (words that have the opposite meaning)
  5. Rainbow writing of the WOD – for example, you could use different colours for each letter or write the word in bubble writing and give it a rainbow patterns within each shape


You will need a dictionary and a thesaurus for these activities, if you don’t have one go online.
The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers or vulnerable children who may attend for a mixture of educational and care based provision on weekdays between 8.50a.m. and 3.00p.m.. Please contact the school via email on or use the contact form on this website to book your place..............Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........