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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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Today we would like you to:

  • Get active! There are so many fun ways to do this. Remember to look in our resources section – you will see some fun clips, including some of our favourite Go Noodle dances. Running around outside, making an obstacle course, dancing, or Joe Wicks workouts are also great fun!
  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Remember there are lots of different reading books online as well as actual books, which are also great! We are adding new books to Bug Club each week. Don’t forget, you can also find books on the Oxford Reading tree website.
  • Practise your spellings.  Remember to LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK to practise your spellings.
  • English and Spellings



























Spellings (Same as Monday)



A good story uses lots of punctuation. Have you noticed!


This helps to add expression and flow to the text and informs us when a sentence ends and begins; how to use our voice depending on the type of sentence; how to use expression etc


Parents - Read the sentence below with no punctuation. Read with no pauses and with a voice with no expression. What has happened?!


goose took a deep breath then she stood up taller and taller pip she said peering down at him I would love you to sit on my eggs but you wouldnt cover them at all you are just too small


Now read again with punctuation:


Goose took a deep breath. Then she stood up… taller… and taller… “Pip,” she said, peering down at him. “I would love you to sit on my eggs but you wouldn’t cover them at all. You are just too small!”


What punctuation did you see?  .  ,  ‘  !  ?  “”

Talk about the difference it makes! And what this punctuation means.


Now can you write the sentences below with the correct punctuation?


the house had a small wooden front door and four small pretty iron windows that creaked when they were opened


jack missed collecting the eggs feeding the rabbits and milking the cow every morning


Jacks mother loved to look out into her garden she had so many beautiful flowers such as roses foxgloves cornflowers and sunflowers


Extra hot chilli challenge below


the giants wife prepared their picnic ready for the afternoon she put the sandwiches cream cakes sausages apples and strawberries out on the blanket I’m so hungry cried the Giant as he unpacked the food



Thursday maths

Warm up – Counting in 2s in an active way. If 2s are too easy, try 3s or 4s with your own actions.

Recognising coins

Below there is a link to some fun BBC clips to help with your learning about money.

You can make your own coins, print off twinkl coins (there is a link on the bbc page – see above) OR, better still, simply use real coins!

Today focus on sorting coins (or even notes) by shape, making sure you know what their value is. Then start to have a go at adding different coins.


Make your own money sums. Or have a go at mine then make your own:


Remember to look on active learn – there is a fun money game called Balloon Pop!

Learning Theme


Tomorrow is a bank holiday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe.

There is a BBC link below to tell you all about a fun activity you can enjoy to help you to celebrate this special day.

We have added the bunting template and instructions at the bottom of the page if you want to print them. Alternatively, you could make your own bunting by cutting out triangular shapes. Each person in your house could make a triangle or two!

If you’re not feeling up to crafting this afternoon or weekend, why not think of your own special way to think about VE day. Could you find out about a grandparent or great grandparent who was alive during WW2? Maybe you could have a picnic in your garden or prepare a traditional English dessert, like strawberries and cream. Or, simply have fun creating your own Union Jack flag. 


' Keep Calm And Carry On ' from Out of the Ark Music

A song to enjoy for VE Day - ' Keep Calm And Carry On ' Taken from our World War II musical 'Treachery At Traitors' Quay', this song commemorates the 75th anniversary of VE Day ...

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