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Answers to yesterday's maths.  Did you identify the correct calculation each time?


1.  £189 + £275 = £464

2.  £275 - £189 = £86

3.  514 - 268 = 246 pages left

4.  386 + 457 = 843 pages altogther

5.  i) £365 + £479 = £844

    ii) £1000 - £844 = £156


And on to today!


You've probably noticed that tomorrow, Friday, is a Bank Holiday.  This is because it the 75th anniversary of 8th May 1945, when it was declared VE Day - Victory in Europe Day.  


So for today's learning, find out a bit about why this is still remembered, and why it was so important.  Below is a link to a BBC site which has several short videos about World War 2.  You may find you wish to watch all of them, but certainly watch: 

 i) Britain declares war on Germany - to understand why WW2 happened

 ii) The geography of World War 2 - to understand what a vast event it was 

 iii) VE Day - to understand what happened 75 years ago when it was all over.  Look out for the pictures of the Queen when she was young!



Obviously, there's a huge amount to take in - it was a vast event.  


So to respond to what you've learned, choose an activity to do: 

You could: 


a)  Create your own VE Day style celebration at home - bake some cakes and make some bunting!

b) Do a drawing of what a VE Day street party would have looked like.  

Or focus on the wider events of the war: 

c) Draw a map to show the affects of the war on the world - who was allied to who, and which countries were occupied.

d) Create a timeline of events from 1939-1945.

e) Do some short biographies and drawings of key people from the war: Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt.  

f) Or simple write out some facts about what you have learned!


g) Or any other good ideas you have.  Up to you!


Also, you can undertake a little bit of reading comprehension.  Read the information attached about VE Day, and then answer the questions in your purple book. The answers are there, so no scrolling down until you've written all your answers!  

Reading comprehension

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