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a) Creative Writing!

For today and tomorrow, aim to do some creative writing and produce your own short story, along the lines of a fantasy/fairy tale.  

To do this, make sure that today you have a good idea for a character, setting and story-line. 

For a starting point, find attached below one of the Brothers Grimm tales.  (Many of the famous traditional tales you know are by the Brothers Grimm: Hansel and Gretel, The Pied Piper, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White etc).  They tend not to be particularly happy stories! 

I hope that the attached story is readable on the screen when you click on it.  If not, any one of those stories would be a good example to read if you can find one! 

For a further piece of inspiration, look at the piece of music on the BBC website about The Hall of The Mountain King.  I'm sure you'll recognise the piece of music.  It's basically telling the story of escaping from the underground lair of the Mountain King!  Very suspenseful.  


Stuck for your own idea of a fantasy/fairy tale setting and plot?  Use the Hall of the Mountain King idea.  What would it be like deep underground, in caves beneath mountains?  Who is the Mountain King?  What is he like?  Who could another character be who finds him/herself down there?  Why?  What happens? 


Make sure you have a good, clear idea for characters, setting and plot before you start. Maybe do a drawing of how you are picturing this place in your mind before you start writing about it.  Think what your beginning, middle and end will be.  Then spend today and tomorrow (and beyond if need be!) writing your story and coming up with this fantasy world and tale.  The odd little illustration along the way could really help tell your story too.  Aim to write around 2 sides of A4 at least to tell your story.


Happy creativity, and I'll look forward to reading your finished story!  If you have the means and desire, you could type your story to email it to me.  (But you don't have to!  Writing by hand is brilliant too!) 


In your green maths book:


b)  A little bit of puzzle solving today!  The numbers involved are fairly simple, but you will need to have a little perseverance and try several times before you find a correct answer!  See the puzzle sheet attached.  You can draw each one as a simple 3x3 box in your book with the target number in the middle square.  


Brothers Grimm Tale

Brothers Grimm Tale 1
Brothers Grimm Tale 2
Brothers Grimm Tale 3
Brothers Grimm Tale 4
Brothers Grimm Tale 5
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