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Fantastic work from today

Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning Sycamore Class,

Today is the last day of April, this month seems to have gone really quickly and summer will soon be here. Although the rain we’ve had over the last few days makes me think it might be a little while yet!

I hope you have had a good week so far. I’ve seen some brilliant work that you’ve sent to Mrs Crosswell. I loved seeing all of your favourite walks, it was very interesting.


Active Start

Choose something active to get your day started. You could pick from the list below, or think of your own.

  • Joe Wicks workout
  • Oti Mabuse is still doing her daily dance sessions on YouTube (Oti Mabuse Official).
  • Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga (
  • How many laps of you garden can you run in 10 minutes? Record the number and see if you can beat it tomorrow.
  • Set up a carousel of activities in your garden. Use what you can find to make an obstacle course- a slalom to run around, things to jump, something to climb under, some skipping, jogging on the spot, star jumps


Daily Jobs

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Choose somewhere comfortable with your favourite book! Eli (my little boy) and I have been building dens this week. Maybe you could build a den to read in?

Don’t forget, you can also read magazines, internet articles, read online using your Bug Club/ Active Learn login. If you have younger brothers or sisters you could read them a story too.

  • Practice your spellings- choose 5 from the list in your pack. Use ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ to practice them, like we do in class.
  • Practice your times tables. You could do this by writing them down, playing ‘hit the button’ (or other online games on Active Learn), make up a song or rhyme to go with the times tables you’re practicing.



Today I would like you to improve some basic (boring!) sentences. We’ve done this activity in class so I’m hoping you’ll think of some brilliant improvements.



You could add

  • Adjectives (describing words), eg soft, beautiful, friendly, relaxed
  • Adverbs (words that describe the verb), eg slowly, carefully, delicately
  • Fronted adverbials (These go at the at the start of the sentence, then a comma before the rest of the sentence), eg Walking carefully over the grass, …
  • A conjunction (To make your sentence into two parts), eg so, and, but, although, if.


Here are some more examples of fronted adverbials and noun phrases. Remember to write using your best handwriting.




Here are the basic sentences that need improving:


  1. The lion walked into the jungle.
  2. The house was falling down.
  3. A mouse ran into the hole.
  4. The trees blew in the wind.
  5. I had pasta for tea.
  6. The men looked at the sky.
  7. He was thirsty.
  8. Her hair was brown.



My improved sentence example:

  1. Slowly and carefully, the powerful lion stalked his way into the enormous, overgrown jungle.



Last week in maths you created a bar graph. I was really impressed with these and interested to see the different things you had created data on. Today I want you to answer questions about graphs. The first questions are about my graph.



  1. Which car colour was the most common to go past my house?
  2. What was the colour of car that I saw 4 of?
  3. How many black and blue cars did I see in total?
  4. How many more silver and grey cars did I see than red?
  5. What was the total number of cars that I saw altogether?


Once you’ve answered the questions for my graph, think of at least 4 facts that you can tell me about your graph and write them down. For example “I saw 3 more blackbirds than robins”, or “I rolled the dice 25 times in total.”  



This term, our science topic is plants. I know that lots of you looked for wild plants on your favourite walks, and I’m sure lots of you have some interesting plants in your garden too. Look carefully at some grass and you will probably see daisies and maybe some yellow dandelions, or their seed heads. This week, I would like you to write a list of all the plants, flowers and trees that you can think of. Start by going out in your garden and naming as many as you can, then add to this like when you’re next out on your daily walks. If you’re stuck, start by thinking of the names of our classes in school! I’ll start you off


Plants and Trees that I know






Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be looking more about how plants grow and I’m hoping that we can all plant some seeds. Please can I ask parents to try and get a packet of seeds for your child to plant; cress, broad beans, sunflower seeds, or whatever else is available. These can be purchased from the supermarket or online. I will provide online alternatives if you aren’t able to get any, and please make sure you continue to follow Government guidelines, but it would be amazing if you can get some seeds..


Have a fantastic day!

Mrs Monsey 

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