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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Good Morning, Sycamore Class!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far. The weather has been lovely and I’ve enjoyed seeing the work you’ve been sending through. Did you see the picture of Mrs Crosswell’s puppy? She looks so lovely. Who guessed her name?


Active Start

How are we getting on with our active starts? I know how much you enjoy them in school, so I hope you’re having as much fun with them at home! Choose something active to get your day started. You could pick from the list below, or think of your own.

  • Joe Wicks workout
  • Oti Mabuse is still doing her daily dance sessions on YouTube (Oti Mabuse Official).
  • Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga (
  • How many laps of you garden can you run in 10 minutes? Record the number and see if you can beat it tomorrow.
  • Set up a carousel of activities in your garden. Use what you can find to make an obstacle course- a slalom to run around, things to jump, something to climb under, some skipping, jogging on the spot, star jumps


Daily Jobs

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Choose somewhere comfortable with your favourite book! Maybe on the sofa, in your garden or in a den?

Don’t forget, you can also read magazines, internet articles, read online using your Bug Club/ Active Learn login. If you have younger brothers or sisters you could read them a story too.   

  • Practise your spellings- choose 5 from the list in your pack. Use ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ to practice them, like we do in class.
  • Practise your times tables. You could do this by writing them down, playing ‘hit the button’ (or other online games on Active Learn), make up a song or rhyme to go with the times tables you’re practicing.



Today in maths we are carrying on thinking about the place value of numbers. This means thinking about the value of each digit in a number. Today I want you to compare the numbers using < and > .


(Remember, if you’re ever unsure, the ‘crocodile’ is greedy and always eats the biggest number!)



So   18  >  35               but        35    >   18


Here are some more examples:


137      <      192                    137 is less than 192

190      >       19                     190 is greater than (more than) 19

982     >        541                   982 is greater than 541



In your maths book, choose your challenge level and then compare the two numbers using < and >   



Mild Challenge

Medium challenge

Spicy Challenge


23       54

138      19

Half of 18          double 6


17       28

32        103

4 x  5                 3 x 4


30      10

89        294

9 x 4                   double 17


37      17

198      134

18 + 123              14 x 10


93      39

391      490

23 x 5                 10 x 19


21       30

183       180

163 + 236            234 + 143


28      26

873      972

432 + 543            392 + 532


94      90

249       349

Double 223         Half 482


Eg Mild challenge level

  1. 23 > 54

For the spicy level challenge, you need to calculate the answer to EACH number (one in red and one in green), and then compare them. You might have to use addition or box method for multiplication to help you.      So the answer to the first question would be:

  1. 9  >  12


I will give you the answers tomorrow.




Today, we are looking at the possessive apostrophe.

 When something belongs to someone or something, we use an apostrophe to show this.


Jane’s book

The boy’s hat

The dog’s bone


When it is more than one person or thing, we move the apostrophe to after the s, like this:


The two young girls’ friend…

The rabbits’ warren

The cars’ engines



Please write out these sentences in your writing book, using the apostrophe in the correct place. Aim for neat writing which is clear and joined! Remember to put a date and a title!


  1. I gave Pauls book to the teacher.
  2. I waved to my friends children when I saw them walking along.
  3. I always visit my mums house when I have time.
  4. The three boys shoes were very muddy.
  5. My familys favourite game is Monopoly
  6. The horses tails needed a good brush.
  7. My sisters hair is much darker than mine.




Firstly, I’d like you to check on the seeds you planted. Have you seen any changes so far? Make a note of them in your plant diary as they happen, and remember to put the date along with what happened so you will know this in future.


Did anybody try the flower pressing? I’m quite happy with my results and am going to try some more! Once I’ve got lots to choose from I’ll put the best pressed flowers in a frame.



Flowering Plants

Today we are going to learn about the parts of a flower, and their functions, or what they do. Have a look and a read of the PowerPoint below and the clips to find out more.


When you have done this, with an adult, see if you can find a flower in the garden, if possible and carefully pull it apart.


Safety alert! Work with an adult, wash your hands thoroughly and don’t put your fingers near your face while you are investigating.


Can you find and identify the petals, sepals, carpel, anthers, pollen, filaments, style, ovary, stem?


Now we are going to draw a detailed diagram, showing the parts of a flower. Complete this in your writing book if you do not have a piece of plain paper.

If you want more of a challenge, put the label lines on after you have drawn the flower, then try to put the names of the parts on from memory.



Did you listen to the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? I will put the link to the next Harry Potter chapters in the ‘resources and weblinks’ part of our Sycamore Class page so you can hear more. Hopefully they’ll soon reach the chapter we were enjoying at school.


Only one day of home learning left before the half term break. Well done, Sycamore class!


Mrs Monsey 

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