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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Baking at home with a velociraptor!

Baking at home with a velociraptor!  1

Good morning everyone!


We had another sunny day on Wednesday, although the wind was a little chilly. Since my family and I have been at home, I have noticed how much everyone eats, (particularly my son and partner) so today we made A LOT of biscuits to keep us all going for a while!


I had a look at the pictures of your work and am amazed at some of the wonderful learning you are doing at home. It is great for Mrs Ashby and I to see what you are doing. Whether you have sent a photo in or not, well done to all of you.


We hope you have a great day today and remember to enjoy lots of family and fun time, as well as learning time.


Miss Barrett and Mrs Ashby

Today’s theme for Thursday is: Things we should say Thursday’

What are some kind and thoughtful words you could say to someone today? Give someone a call and let them know how valued they are.


Remember, if you are unsure about anything or if there is any work you wish to share please email us.

Don’t forget about the BBC live lessons which can now be accessed online or via iPlayer or the red button. They have a week’s worth of lessons covering a variety of subjects. Each lesson has video links to watch and activities to go alongside the learning objective. To access the site visit:



Thursday's Learning tasks:

1. Start your day with an Active Start, we have made lots of suggestions for you to have a go at and it would be super to continue with Pav’s challenge, as it builds up through the week.


2. Read your book for 20 minutes. Or you could read a book from Bug Club.


3. Complete a maths quiz on diagnostic questions. 


4. Maths: This week we are looking at averages. Today we will look at ‘mode’. Have a look at the ‘mode poster’. There’s also a link you can go on:

Now have a go at the ‘Mode in a set of data’ questions. I will post the answers tomorrow for you.


5. Further Maths to have a go at! Visit the White Rose website and complete Summer term week 1 (w/c 20 April) lesson 4 - ‘Angles in a Triangle – missing angles’.


6. Complete the word of the day activities - see below. 


7. Visit Active learn website and select a maths and/or a SPAG activity to complete.


8. Writing challenge for the week: See document in Resources and Web Links section. Continue with this activity! We’re looking forward to reading these.


9. Music: Click on the below link to try out loads of fun musical experiments. Just have a go and see what you can come up with and have some fun. My favourtie is the ‘Kandinsky’ musical experiment. I will also put the link in the resources section:


10. Remember to build in some quiet time, creative time and outdoor time!


Have a great day!

Miss Barrett and Mrs Ashby


Word of the day


  1. What is the definition of hypnotism?
  2. Write a statement using it.
  3. The root word ‘hypno’ comes from Greek ‘hypnos’ meaning sleep. Investigate other words that have hypno as their root word.
  4. Draw a spiral shape then record some of your ‘hypno’ words inside the spiral in a colourful and creative way.


You will need a dictionary for the first activity, if you don’t have one use an online dictionary.
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