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Thursday 16th July 2020

Good Morning, Sycamore Class!

It’s so close to the end of the school year now- just three more days of home learning to go after today! It has been so lovely reading your memories of the year. We did manage to fit in a lot of exciting things.


If we were in school today, we would be doing lots of ‘end of term’ activities, so that’s what I’ve planned for you today!


Active Start

As it’s very nearly the end of the school year, why not have your own party at home! Turn on some music that you love and enjoy a dance! (Or choose one of the usual ‘active start’ activities!)



Earlier this week, Mrs Crosswell asked you to reflect on your year in Sycamore class. What I would like you to do today  is create a ‘word art cloud’ of your memories. Here is an example:



The first thing you need to do it think of all the words that make you think about our year in Sycamore class. Everyone will have different words on their list because we all have different experiences and memories that stand out for us. Write your words down in your workbook. Your list might include names of friends, some of our topics, any activities or lessons you’ve enjoyed, trips etc.  


Now go on to and type the words into the list. Click ‘visualise’ and it will create your word cloud. You can change the font, shape of the cloud and colours by using the tabs on the left.


Once you’ve finished, make sure you save your word cloud design. I’d love to see them! It might be easier to ask an adult to take a screen print of the page and then copy the picture into word or paint.


If you can’t access today, see if you can create your own word cloud on plain paper. Or you could make a word search using the words you have thought of.


Today in maths I want you to become code breakers! I have written some secret messages for you. But you need to break the code first. Everything you need is on this document: 


End of term fun


I’m hoping that you have all finished your garden projects by now, so instead of doing science I thought we’d do some fun ‘end of term’ things.


My first activity is a quiz! I’ve got lots of pictures of teachers from our school, but from when they were babies or children! All you have to do is look carefully at the pictures and see if you can work out which teacher is which! In your workbook, write down the number that’s written next to the picture, and then your guess. I’ll give you the answers tomorrow. Good luck!!


My second challenge for your afternoon activities it to create a paper aeroplane for our paper aeroplane competition!


In case you aren’t sure, here are instruction on how to make a paper aeroplane. However, if you want to make a different type of paper aeroplane then you can. My only rule is that it can only be made out of paper- no Sellotape, glue etc. It can be whatever size you want.

Spend some time decorating your paper aeroplane. You might even want to give it a name! Once it’s ready, I want you to try flying your paper aeroplane. For our class competition, you’ll need to get an adult, or older brother or sister to help you, because you are going to measure how far you can get the aeroplane to fly! Mark the place where your feet are, and the place where your aeroplane lands. Then record the distance between the two. This will tell you how far it flies. Please measure it in centimetres (or metres and centimetres if it flies a very long way!). You can have as many tries as you want.


Send me your best distance flown and I’ll add it to the Sycamore class score chart! The final results will be posted tomorrow!


Daily Jobs

I hope that by now you know the learning jobs that you should be doing every day. I know you’re very close to the summer holidays, but it’s important to keep practising these skills even during the holidays! They don’t need to be done every day, but it will really help you if you come back in September as Year 4’s with times tables fresh in your mind and having enjoyed lots of books over the summer. I know Mrs Crosswell shared the library summer reading challenge, so I’m hoping that lots of you will take part in that.


Well today has been a bit different with our home learning activities, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them! I’m really looking forward to seeing your word clouds and paper aeroplane scores, so please send me an email if you can!


More fun tomorrow!

Mrs Monsey 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th September...........................Please take a look at the Noticeboard for the latest update on our plans for a safe return to school.......Take a look at our new class pages for September 2020 and find out about your new teacher who has suggested some fun ideas for you during the summer holidays if you are looking for inspiration! ...................................... Some teachers have recorded stories for you to listen to on the Video Resource Centre on the Children's section of this website ............................Please take a look around our website to find out more about our Good school..........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........