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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Teaching Assistant Team (including Breakfast and After School Club)

We have a very supportive team of teaching assistants who bring to the school a wide range of skills and expertise.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

HLTAs work across all phases providing class cover (for staff absence and PPA/release time), focused intervention/teaching groups and support pupils in class. Currently HLTAs are mainly based within one phase.


Mrs C Herd - based in Early Phase
Mrs D Bane -based in Middle Phase

Mrs A Croft -based in Upper Phase
Mrs L Hargreaves -based in Upper Phase

Mrs C Page - based in SRB

Mrs S Long -SRB Assistant

Teaching Assistants:

All teaching assistants are assigned to a particular phase for supporting pupils within the classroom during the mornings with identified responsibilities for supporting pupils across the school at other times. They undertake a range of duties including class support, group and intervention support and individual pupil support.

Morning Support::
Foundation (Reception): -  Mrs K Alexander, Mrs B Ratcliffe, Miss A Covell (Tues)


Early Phase: -Ms K Kerr, Mrs C Herd, Mrs C Cutting, Miss A Covell, Mrs L Halls


Middle Phase: -  Mrs D Bane, Ms R Womack, Miss A Hardie, 

Upper Phase: - Mrs L Hargreaves, Mrs A Croft, Mrs D Harrison, Mrs S Eke

SRB: - Mrs S Bloom, Mrs K Daniels, Mrs M Rolfe, Mrs S Long

Wellbeing - Mrs H Halls (Well-being mentor)


Breakfast and After School Care Club:

Support Staff run the school's provision for Breakfast and After School Care - Mrs L Hargreaves, Mrs C Page, Mrs M Rolfe, Mrs B West, Mrs B Woolston

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