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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017


Reception 2021-22


Summer Term


Hello! I hope our poorly friends are all feeling better... Just in case you are not aware, we have had several cases of Chickenpox during the Easter holiday, so if you do find that you little one has unusual spots on their body, is lethargic or itchy, then this may be the cause. Please seek medical advice. 


A few of the usual reminders. PE has returned to Fridays, so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for then. It's best to leave them in school for the half term, then we will send them home for a refresh. A spare set of clothes to be left in school is still a good idea, accidents will happen. Although it's the Summer Term, the weather is definitely changeable  so please remember to bring a summer coat. Oh, and don't forget to label everything, thank you.


We try to encourage to the children to only drink water during the day, as part of our healthy eating ethos. Please only put water in your child's bottle, they soon get used to the taste, if they say they're not keen. Remember to label the bottle, so they don't get muddled up.


If you need to contact any of the Reception teachers, you can email us at the following address:


Reception team: Mrs Oakley, Mrs Harkin-Perry, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Ratcliffe, Mrs Halls and Mrs Newstead.





Estimated time of arrival for Year 6 party is now 8.20p.m.....We will keep you updated via this website and Facebook