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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Pear Tree Class 2022-23

Attendance winners 26th - 30th September

Well done everyone in Pear Tree! We did it! First place for attendance in the school this week.


All of the children were very proud of our class achievement and we had a little celebration when we got back to our classroom after assembly. They loved the trophy!


However, we want this trophy every week! Let’s try and win it as many weeks as possible!


I have explained to the children that being ill is something that happens and not to worry if they don’t feel well and are unable to come in 😊


Welcome to Pear Tree class!


My name is Mr. Davies and I am Pear Tree class teacher. The other adults in our class are Mrs. Herd and Mrs. Halls.


Please feel free to approach any of us on the playground in the morning, or after school if you have any questions! 


Below is a breakdown of what we are covering in class this half term! I have also added a few games that can be played at home and photos of our classroom so that you can see where your children will be doing their learning this year :)

Land Ahoy - Autumn Learning 


Our new learning theme is ‘Land Ahoy’.

We will be learning about explorers and understanding the adventures they experienced. 

As geographers we will be learning to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans of the world.

As scientists we will be learning about the human body and how we can look after our body. 

As historians we will be learning about past and present explorers and their fantastic adventures they went on and the impact it had on society. 

As artists we will study aboriginal art. We will use forage sticks to create our own aboriginal artwork.  

Alongside our main learning theme we will also enjoy other subjects such as; Spanish, PSHE and PE lessons.


Open Afternoons for September 2023 Reception Intake will be held at 1.45pm-2.45pm on Wednesday 19th October & Thursday 3rd November 2022. Please contact the School Office to book a space.