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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Pear Tree Class 2022-23

Welcome to Pear Tree class!


My name is Mr. Davies and I am Pear Tree class teacher. The other adults in our class are Mrs. Herd and Mrs. Halls.


Please feel free to approach any of us on the playground in the morning, or after school if you have any questions! 


Below is a breakdown of what we are covering in class this half term! I have also added a few games that can be played at home and photos of our classroom so that you can see where your children will be doing their learning this year :)

Heroes and Heroines - Spring Term 


Our new learning theme is ‘Heroes and Heroines’.

As geographers we will be recapping our learning from the Autumn Term, consolidating our knowledge of countries and continents. 

As scientists we will be learning about the body, our senses and how we change during our lifetime. 

As historians we will be learning about important historical figures analysing their impact on society. 

As artists we will be using the techniques pioneered by Andy Warhol creating a piece in the ‘pop art’ style.  


Alongside our main learning theme we will also enjoy other subjects such as; Spanish, PSHE, PATHS and PE lessons.



Seven Continents Song

What is a Noun? | Parts of Speech Song | Jack Hartmann

What is a noun? It's a person, place or thing. Sing along with Jack Hartmann and learn all about people, places and things being nouns. The first time through we give examples of each category, the next time through we give the opportunity for student input by asking you to name persons, places and things.

Attendance winners 26th - 30th September

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