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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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News from Dovedale - Day 3

We've just arrived back at Dovedale House after another cracking day out!
We drove to Buxton to Poole's Caverns and had a very interesting tour through the show caves. We saw stalagmites and stalactites and lots of rock formations and learned all about the history of the place. We learned a bit more about river systems - part of our geography topic and the children could remember quite a lot from their lessons. 
Then we had lunch - indoors as it was still raining - before getting back on the bus to Alsop. Then we walked down to Milldale, and then along the Dovedale valley to the Stepping Stones. The children had a lovely time to-ing and fro -ing across the stones.  After that, we walked down to have an ice cream and then back through the meadows full of sheep and lambs to the house. We walked 5 miles altogether- and we are all still smiling!
The children are all in the garden now - it's dry and the sun is trying to come out but it's still rather chilly!
It's been another good day and the children have been fantastic!!


 We also popped to tissington to see the Well Dressing last night.
Later this evening, after the film, we are going on a bat walk with Mark, the house warden. He's kindly offered to take  us bat spotting! 
All the walk was dry today, but cold. The sun is out now, which is good.



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