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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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a) Times table check to start!  This activity will test you on all of your tables.  Remember the aim is to know them all by the end of Year 4 (which is now in 4 weeks time!).



In your green maths book:


b) Some more work today on multiplication.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a go multiplying two 2-digit numbers together, by partitioning both numbers into tens and units.  Remember, it looked like this:

e.g.  38 x 12 = 


x 30 8
10 300 80
2 60 16



300 + 80 + 60 + 16 = 456


Choose the level you wish to do:


Norwich City Level:


1.  44 x 12 = 

2.  12 x 53 = 

3.  29 x 15 = 

4.  15 x 54 = 

5.  64 x 12 = 

6.  15 x 43 = 


Liverpool Level:


1.  12 x 86 = 

2.  74 x 15 = 

3.  15 x 65 = 

4.  76 x 18 = 

5.  23 x 47 = 

6.  28 x 64 = 


Use a calculator to check if you were accurate!  If you made any errors, can you spot where?


In your purple writing book:


Fronted adverbials.  These are groups of words at the start of a sentence that act like an adverb.  They can describe how, where or when something happens.  


e.g. When:  Last week,.....  Once a month, .....  Every Thursday, .....


e.g. Where: At the Sports Centre, ......  Next to the river, ..... In France, ......


e.g. How: With great patience, .....  Agonizingly slowly, .....  Without a care in the world, .....


c)  In your book, write 9 examples of sentences using Fronted Adverbials: three 'when' sentences, three 'where' and three 'how'.  Write them about whatever you like, but perhaps you could base them all on the book you are reading, or have recently read. 


e.g. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



1.  Every Tuesday, the Oompah-Loompahs would clean out the garbage chute.

2.  When Charlie unwrapped the chocolate bar, he....

3.  ....



4.  Like a child at Christmas, Mr Wonka skipped around the room.

5.  Without warning,....

6.  .....



7.  etc.  




d) Science.  Have a go at the home science-experiment attached below. 

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