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Today's learning

Monday 1st June 2020
























You can choose one of the online workouts to do, such as Joe Wicks.



Academic Time – English

 and Learning Theme


Phonics: You can either use the link to the online daily phonics lesson or practise the following sound. Can you write a sentence using these words?


Set 2 ay - may, day, play, stay, away

Set 3 eatea, clean, please, read


There is now also the option to use videos with longer words on the YouTube channel, if you are feeling more confident with your phonics sounds!


Spellings: Practise these tricky words and test yourself on Friday. Can you put them in sentences, to make sure you know what they mean? The tricky words to practise this week are:

  • friend
  • school
  • today
  • where
  • house


For English, either choose an activity from your activity book (if you have collected them!) or do the activity below!


Writing Activity: Can you write “super” sentences by copying these sentences and adding capital letters and full stops?


  1. batman wears black boots
  2. greenman is a strong superhero
  3. superheroes can fly up into the air


Now write your own “super” sentence using these words. Remember the capital letters and full stops.


     fast     superhero     run     this     can


Try to write your own “super” sentence, using your own words, with capital letters and full stops.


Reading: Choose an ebook from Bug Club or Oxford Owl. One I’ve found on Bug Club is called “Shadows in the Sun”, which looks at shadows and the different shapes they make. A good book for this sunny weather.


If you want any extra activities or ideas, check out the daily online lessons on BBC Bitesize or Oak Academy.





Academic Time – Learning Theme

















Map Monday: Our local area

Our Geography Learning Theme this half term is “Our local area”. We will be looking at the area where we live, what natural and man-made features we can find and how these can be recorded on maps.


What is in your local area? What natural features, such as parks, or man-made features, like buildings are there near to where you live? Make a list or spider diagram of places of interest in local area. You can use the “Our local area research map” to help you.


Can you find any of these on a local map? You might have a paper local map in your house or car. Or you might be able to look at a local map using Google maps on a computer or phone, or a Satnav. There is a street map with the resources.


Another activity you can do is to use the BBC site below to program a robot to use a map to make his deliveries.



Creative Time


Why not try one of Active Norfolk’s “Make it Monday” activities:





Try join in with the Sing Up “Song of the Week”.




Time to relax! You could sit quietly with a book, some colouring or listen to some calming music.


You might want to try one of the yoga poses that helps to calm the mind, such as the Lotus pose or the Childs pose.




Academic Time - Maths



For Maths, either choose an activity from your activity book (if you have collected them!) or do the activity below!


Warm up – Practice counting in either 2s, 5s or 10s! Can you get your grown-ups or siblings to join in?


Activity -

Use the 100 square through this link (or on our class page) to help with the challenges.


Can you…

Count forwards from 80 to 92?

Count backwards from 73 to 65?

Write down the numbers between 75 and 81?

Find out what number comes between 46 and 48?

Find out what number comes between 17 and 19?


Can you spot the mistake in each sequence of numbers? Can you rewrite the sequences correctly?


34, 35, 36, 38, 39


98, 97, 96, 95, 93


78, 79, 18, 81, 82





Active time


Why not get some “fresh air and fun” by going for a walk with you family or playing in the garden. Remember to stay safe!



Put on some lively music and have a boogie! There’s lots of online video clips you can watch to give you ideas.




Learning Theme - Our Local Area

North Walsham street map
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