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Monday 4th May

Welcome back Sycamore class!

It's the first 'Get Moving Monday' of May!


Active Start

Decide whether you are ready for an energetic start to the week with Joe Wicks (TheBodyCoachTV on YouTube) or perhaps you'd prefer a more peaceful start to help you to ease into the week with some yoga on Cosmic Kids Yoga:


After a nice, active start, time to get focussed! 

Remember to try to spend a bit of time every day on these following activities:

  • Read for at least 30 minutes - As the weather is getting a bit nicer, perhaps you can spend a bit of time enjoying reading a book in the garden on a blanket? Perhaps you can write a book review once you have finished the book you are currently reading and send it to me by email?
  • Practice times tables for 20 minutes. Year 3’s, you should know: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 by the end of this school year.
  • Practice spellings for 15 minutes Choose 5 words a day to practice using look, cover, say, write, check. Highlight the words when you definitely know them.


It has been so lovely to see some beautiful diary entries so far. They are going to be so lovely for you to be able to look back at and remember this unique time.

Following on from today’s message on the main page about how proud we are of you and your families for working so well at Home School, for today’s diary entry, I would like you to reflect on and write about what you are most proud of yourself for. Perhaps you have made sure that you have taken part in some PE every day? Perhaps you have challenged yourself to improve your spellings or your time tables? Perhaps you’ve been working hard on improving your handwriting and presentation? Perhaps it’s making sure that each day you have been setting up your learning station and doing your very best at your home learning.

Have a careful think about what it is that you are really proud of in your home learning journey so far. Think about examples of times where things might have seemed challenging and what you did to overcome it. Then begin to write. Aim to write at least half a page and then add some illustrations, or perhaps draw a border around your page before you begin writing, and then, later on, you can decorate the border.

Maths: Measuring Time: Over the next few days, we’re really going to think about measuring and recording time accurately. Today I’d like you to have a go at recording your activities during the day.

On a new page in your book, draw a table like this and then complete it over the course of the day:


Start time

Finish time





(you could even draw a clock here. Use your homemade clock to help you)



Joe Wicks PE

 Half an hour/

30 minutes












PE challenge 3 from Pav

I really want to have a go at this week’s challenge from Pav!

I’m going to have to find some tennis balls to give it a go with my children later on in the afternoon.

Have fun! I wonder how you will all get on too J

Sing Up song of the week:

Hoping that you had fun last week with some singing?

Singing is a great way to feel good, I love a good sing-song! This week’s song is by Al Wright and is all about families and it will teach you how to sing and Makaton sign too!

Ask an adult to help you to visit:


Perfect for our ‘get moving Monday’! Have lots of fun, and if you would like to, send a photo in of you enjoying this and learning some Makaton  J

Have a wonderful day! I look forward to seeing all your great work.

Mrs Crosswell 

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