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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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a)  Email me to tell me what book you're reading currently, and if you've recently finished any others.  It will take you 30 seconds!  


In your green maths book:

First of all, the answer to Friday's challenge question: 'What is the largest 3 digit number you can double that still gets a 3-digit answer?' 

499 because if you double this, you get 998.  You can work this out quickly by realizing that double 500 is 1000, so it must be one less than that. 


b) Calculation practice today.  Write each calculation down in columns.  If you can't remember how to set this out, look at the Calculations Guide in the Parents Information folder.  

Choose your level: 


Grasshopper level (3 digit numbers):


1.  348 + 437 =             2.  585 + 357 =           3.  849 + 453 = 


4.  847 + 796 =             5.  975 + 688 =           6.  627 + 378 =


Grandmaster level (4 digit numbers):


1.  4286 + 3475 =        2.  5685 + 3738 =        3.  7587 + 5453 = 


4.  8396 + 4857 =        5.  7347 + 2655 =        6.  6487 + 3513 = 


              Use a calculator to self-check when you are finished.  Any mistakes?  Can you identify where the error happened?


Challenge question:

Can you write down a 3-digit + 3-digit calculation that uses six different digits, and has an answer of exactly 1000?

Can you write down a 4-digit + 4-digit calculation that used eight different digits, and has an answer of exactly 10,000? 



In your purple writing book: 


Did you finish your creative writing last week?  If not, keep going!  Bring it to a satisfying conclusion....even if, like the Brothers Grimm, it's not necessarily a happy ending!


c)  Undertake the 'Word of the Day' activity, attached below.  


d)  Geography: follow the link below to the BBC site.  Do the two lessons on 'Latitude and Longitude' and 'Time Zones'.  For each of them, watch the video, read the information and do the activity.  Write down a short paragraph in your book to explain what you learn!  





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