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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Good morning!  Hope you're refreshed and energy-filled, raring to go for your first day "back"!

Please undertake the following activities today.



In your green maths book:


a) 5 digit numbers: 

                       e.g. 28,309 is read as "twenty eight thousand, three hundred and nine". 



   Use the digits:   3     8     2     4     7


1.  Write in digits and words the smallest 5 digit number you can make. 

2.  Write in digits and words the largest 5 digit number you can make. 

3.  Make the number the closest to 50,000 that you can make.  

4.  Make a number that follows these clues: the thousands digit is double the units digit.  The units digit is double the hundreds digit.  The tens and units digits together add to seven. 

            Answers to this will follow tomorrow. 


In your purple writing book:


b)  Homophones are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.  For each of the following pairs of homophones, write two simple sentences to show what each of the words means. 

1.  blue and blew

2.  through and threw

3.  where and wear

4.  caught and court



5.  sort and sought

6.  List another 3 pairs of homophones of your own.  



c)  Read through the two pages about the Ancient Egyptians linked below, and watch the clips on those pages too.  In your book, write down 3 facts from each of the pages.


When you've done that, have a go at the Egyptians quiz!


d) Check out the BBC bitesize learning program. On your TV, press the red button on a BBC channel, or Google 'BBC bitesize' and you'll find it easily. Go to the 7-9 program, and watch! It will be useful to do this everyday to practice some general maths and English skills. 




The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers or vulnerable children who may attend for a mixture of educational and care based provision on weekdays between 8.50a.m. and 3.00p.m.. Please contact the school via email on or use the contact form on this website to book your place..............Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........