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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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In your green maths book:


a) Practice a little multiplication and division - if you can't remember how to set out your work, look at the Powerpoint in the Parents Information folder. 

Choose whether to use 2 digit or 3 digit numbers.

2 digit:


1.  35 x 5 =         2.  47 x 9 =         3.  48 ÷ 3 =        4.  92 ÷ 4 = 


3 digit:


1.  429 x 6 =       2.  637 x 8 =      3.  258 ÷ 6 =      4.  648 ÷ 9 = 



b) Play a game on Active Learn to practice an aspect of fractions or decimals.


In your purple writing book: 


c)  Practice the next 5 spellings from your list.  


d) Undertake the 'Word of the day' activity below. 


e) Geography.  Find a World Map.  If you have one at home, or an atlas, use that!  If not, there is a link to an online one below.  (If you can't remember where the continents are, scroll down the page to see a continents map too).  


1.  In your book, write down 3 countries that are in each of the continents. If you think you already know 3, try to find out 3 you didn't already know!

Europe - 

Africa - 

Asia - 

North America - 

South America - 

Australasia - 


2. Write down in order what appear from the map to be the 5 largest countries in the world (Greenland isn't one!).  


3.  A little more the 21st century, the two most powerful countries in the world are thought to be the United States and China.  By looking at the world map, can you identify two geographical similarities between the two countries?


The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers who may attend for holiday care on weekdays between Thursday 2nd April and Friday 17th April (excluding Bank Holidays). Please contact the school via email on or use the contact form on this website.