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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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For your first day, do some writing and some maths.  Click on the example pages below if you want to see how to set today's work out. 


Write the date as usual in each book every day!


Purple writing book:


a)  Look at the lists of spellings in the front of your purple book.  Choose 5 of the words, and copy them (correctly!) into your book.  One word at a time, cover the word, say it, write it, then lift your hand and check if you got it correct.  Repeat this, so you've written each of the words 3 times.  


b)  Then think about the words' meanings.  Write the 5 words into a short paragraph, about 3-6 sentences long.  Could you include some speech?


Green maths book:


c)  Choose a times table to practice.  Write it out in the correct order, then write it out again with the facts in a random order, and then write it a third time by writing the division facts to go with it.  


d) For a bit more of a challenge, have a go at the Easter Egg numbers puzzle stuck into your book.  (On Tuesday, I will post what the answers are to this puzzle, so that you can self-check).  


e) Remember you can go on to Bug Club (  I have allocated several games to do with fractions and decimals.  There are also books to read on there, and some spelling games. 


Example pages for what your work today should look like

The school will be closed to all pupils except children of key workers and vulnerable children from Monday 23rd March........................Go to your class page to work on your learning activities every day.......................We look forward to seeing all of our fantastic pupils back at Millfield soon!...............We will miss you!....................