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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Hello Reception children from Mrs Harkin-Perry and Mrs Oakley, your new teachers. Although we are one Reception class, because there are so many of us, we will be split into two groups, Apple Tree and Cherry Tree. We will all be following the same activities and working closely together. Mrs Oakley is the Apple Tree teacher and Mrs Harkin-Perry is the Cherry Tree teacher.


To begin with, we will concentrate on settling you into school life. We have all had such a disrupted year, but we will try to make your first weeks at school as calm, safe and fun as we can and we are sure that we will all become firm friends.




We will begin our school year by becoming explorers! As well as exploring our new school, we will explore the world. We will be exploring the land, under the sea, in the air and even venturing into space! We thought the best way to begin our adventure is to become pirates and explore the seven seas together! So, welcome aboard shipmates! Let the adventure begin!

Apple Tree Class

Cherry Tree Class



Hello! My name is Mrs Harkin-Perry, but I'm usually called Mrs HP. I live with my husband and we are hoping to soon add to our household by getting a dog. 


I like finding out how things work, so enjoy science and I particularly love history and discovering how we did things in the past. I enjoy singing and always try to include music into anything I do and I like to make up rhymes and poems.


When not in school I like to walk and cycle and visit historic houses, castles and other old buildings. I also help with training First Aid with St John Ambulance and like to help people when I can.


I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in September and can't wait to start exploring the world with you. Catch my story on the "Video Resource Centre".

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th September...........................Please take a look at the Noticeboard for the latest update on our plans for a safe return to school.......Take a look at our new class pages for September 2020 and find out about your new teacher who has suggested some fun ideas for you during the summer holidays if you are looking for inspiration! ...................................... Some teachers have recorded stories for you to listen to on the Video Resource Centre on the Children's section of this website ............................Please take a look around our website to find out more about our Good school..........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........