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Journey poems

I love this!  It's wonderful what a great range of destinations and feelings these poets have pictured and conveyed. 
Lovely idea Alfred!  The 'me and him' idea makes this poem read like an AA Milne poem (the author of Winnie the Pooh).  The animals give a clear African flavour!  Mr L.
Super idea to imagine the journey as a voyage through time!  That likely would be a 'rollercoaster' in every sense. Well imagined Harry. 

The Journey


Rushing through the country side on my way to Venice

Once I arrive I see the flat red roofs and the spiked tops of churches

the sound of water rushing through my ears

getting on a gondola to cross the water of the grand canal

with tourists from around the world getting ready for the  masquerade parade


boats moored to the side of the roads of water


sounds of cars replaced by the sound of church bells ringing


crossing bridges in the burning sun


holding melting ice cream or gelato


that's right geellllllaaaaaatttooooooooo.




A great effort Noah!  This is excellently pictured due to the details about the distinctive appearance of Venice - of its architecture, bridges and boats.  Though there's a hint that it's the ice cream that the poet is most excited about. 


The Rocky Mountain Rocket by James B

My name is Professor  Brown Bear ,travelling through the Rocky Mountain.
Relaxed without a care.
Head out the window looking for brown bears.
The cold wind running through my hair.
In the distance I can see snowy mountains.
Below them there is a forest of pine trees.
I can smell the air, fresh and lush.
There are 10 carriages in front, with the steam from the hardworking engine bellowing past my window.
The carriages are rocking and rolling up the mountain towards the top.
I am excited to arrive at the top.
I hope to see a brown bear out there.
When I step outside the air is fresh and the sky is clear blue.
Outside the wooden station are a pack of Elk  munching the berries on a bush.
I  saw a brown image out of the corner of my eye, grabbing the camera, thinking it’s a bear, but then I see the gigantic antlers of an elk!


Great effort!  What I love about this poem is how strongly it evokes the sense of the place it's describing.  I have been walking and climbing in the White Mountains in the USA, rather than the Rockies, but this poem was able to take me back to being there and re-picture that place in my mind...and the wonderful animals.  It also gives a good sense of the thrilling, fast movement in fresh, mountain air.  Mr L. 

Lewis' poem

Well done Lewis!  This poem immediately conveys a sense of impatience and excitement!  I've been to Newquay, and it's definitely a place that has a buzz of activity, fun and holiday about it.  I love the simple keen-ness to get in the water and get surfing that this journey shows! Mr L. 
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