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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Great links for kids!

Interesting websites

This is the National Geographic website for children. Discover new things and learn all about the world we live in!



This is NASA’s website that is designed for children. There are some fun games and lots of information about space and our universe.



Learn to code with Scratch! I have had A LOT of fun on this website over the last year. You can create animations or even make computer games! You can start a project without an account and you can make an account if you would like to save your project.

Have a play around on the game that I made a couple of months ago. It is called ‘Shark Life!’. Take a look inside and see what code I used and see if you can make a game like this too.




Stone age websites

Try some Stone Age themed puzzles online to get an idea about what it was like all of those years ago!



Take a look at some names of prehistoric animals and see if you can match them up to the pictures of their tracks (footprints). You can search for images of the animals using Google Image search to get a better idea about the tracks.



Try this Stone Age game online! You can explore the Stone Age village of Skara Brae in Scotland. You can click on objects to learn more about them and how they were used. There is also a fun Stone Age survival game.



Have a read about the Stone Age on the BBC Bitesize website. The top four links are about the Stone Age. The Bronze Age is after the Stone Age but you can have a look anyway if you are interested!



I mentioned the Deep History Coast in the summer activities section. This page is about the mammoth bones they found in West Runton near Cromer. You can learn some interesting mammoth facts and look at some amazing photos and pictures.

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