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Friday 26th June 


Hello to you all!


How are you coping with this heat? I’m really enjoying the sunshine, but it has been extremely hot. I may even go for a swim in the sea this evening!


Today’s theme for Friday is: Friend Friday


Talk about what makes YOU a good friend. It would then be great to call or write to a friend to tell them why they are such a good friend to you.


We hope you really enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun.


Have a great day!

Miss Barrett and Mrs Ashby


Friday’s learning tasks:


Start your day with an active start. There are lots of options for you:

  • Weekly challenge from Pav
  • Norfolk  School Games Week 1
  • Joe Wicks – daily P.E on YouTube
  • Go Noodle – also available on YouTube
  • Imoves
  • Or create your own P.E session – for example, an obstacle course in the garden or lead a keep fit session with your family to your favourite tunes.


  • Read your book for 20 minutes. Or you could read a book from Bug Club. Bug club books are great because they have comprehension questions for you to answer too.


  • Complete a maths quiz on Diagnostic Questions


  • Maths – This week for maths look in our Resources section for details


  • Further Maths to have a go at! Visit the White Rose website ‘Summer Term Week 9 (w/c 22nd June) and complete the Lesson 5 challenge.  Remember, if you are finding these too tricky you could look at a lower year group or if you need a greater challenge look at a higher year group instead. We do not have a subscription to the worksheets so this activity is just watching and discussing the video.


  • Complete the word of the day activities – see below.


  • Visit Active learn website and select a maths and a SPAG activity to complete.


  • Please continue with the writing challenge for the week: See document in Resources and Web Links section.


  • PSHE - How do I understand information and money from around the world?

Look through the ‘PSHE Money from around the world presentation’. Talk about this with a parent or sibling. Once you have done this, please complete the ‘PSHE Money from around the world activity sheet’.


  • Remember to build in some quiet time, creative time and outdoor time! There is a list of nature activities for you to do that I’ve taken from the Wildlife Trust that you could have a go at – see document for Random Acts of Wildness.  If you fancy some cooking, there are also great easy to follow recipes on Willow class page that you may want to try.

Have fun!



Word of the day



  1. What is the definition of ‘premature’?
  2. Synonyms – (words that have a similar meaning)
  3. Antonyms – (words that have an opposite meaning)
  4. Research – what other words have the prefix ‘pre’? ‘Pre’ is from Latin and it means earlier/before/in front of, just like the word ‘prefix’.  Make sure you check that the words you find have this meaning.
  5. Ask a family member to give you a spelling test of the words from this week. Can you spell them all correctly?
  6. Extra activities (optional):
  • Using the 5 words from this week: write each word on to small separate pieces of paper. Then order them using your own criteria, eg alphabetical order, softer to harder sounding words etc. Try lots of different ways.
  • Why not create a short story (paragraph in length) that includes these words. What genre will you use? Horror, comedy, traditional tale, sci-fi? 
  • Get creative and draw picture clues for each word from this week without writing the word in the picture. Can the people in your family guess what the words are?
  • Using each WOD, create a word search or crossword – remember you could also include the synonyms or antonyms you found.
Create anagrams using the words from this week.
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