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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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To start the day, here's a crossword to think about adjectives.  If you have the luxury of being able to print, you could print it!  If not, you could just write the answers into your book.  

In your purple writing book:


a)  Some vocabulary work today.  You're going to write some 'four-in-a-row' phrases, to use an adjective, a noun, a verb and an adverb to make a simple sentence.  You could draw a table in your book to fill in if that helps. 

Adjective   Noun     Verb       Adverb



To practise the spelling pattern for the week a little more (the -age words), use one of these words for each one.  You'll have to decide if the -age word is an adjective, noun, verb or adverb.  (They are mostly nouns, with some verbs).


bandage, damage, village, language, encourage, average, cottage, courage, carriage, spillage, garbage, manage, cabbage, garage, pillage, etc.


For example:

Delicious cabbages grow quickly. 

Merciless pirates pillage destructively.  

Ornate carriages paraded proudly. 

Home-schooled pupils manage magnificently!


Write at least 6 of your own into your book.  Look up more -age words if you need to!


b) In your green maths book:


It's Friday!  Start by drawing a times table practice grid in your book.  Time yourself doing it. Sub 4mins - okay.  Sub 3mins - good.  Sub 2mins - Very good.  Sub 1min - Excellent!


x    3    6    4    7   9


Get an adult to check that they're all correct!


Now, some more height and length word problems.  Remember to change the fraction to a correct number of centimetres to help you.  


1.  A runner bean is 1¾m tall.  It grows another 12cm.  How tall is it now?

2.  Alfie is 120cm.  His sister, Sophie, is ½m taller.  How tall is Sophie?

3.  Richie's pet snake was ¾m tall when he bought it.  To his mother's horror, it grew another 42cm in its first year with them.  How long is it now? 

4.  Rosie the carpenter's piece of wood was 2¼m long.  She needed to cut 45cm off it. How long was the piece of wood now?

5.  Ryan's model train-track was 6¾m long.  He added another 1.75m of track to it.  How long was the track now?

6.  Alex's sunflower was 85cm tall on Monday, and it grew another ½m by the weekend.  Rachel's sunflower was 105cm tall on Monday, and it grew another ¼m by the weekend.  Whose sunflower was taller by the weekend?



c)  Geography.  

On a map of Europe, can you identify the 5 most populous countries in our continent?  These are Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.  Do you know all of their capital cities?  Do you know what their flags look like?  Do you know an additional geographical fact about each one (e.g. population, important river or mountain range)?

In some way, produce a fact page in your book to show all of this information. 

i) You could draw a map of Europe (not easy!) to show where each of the countries is, and show their capitals and flags on the drawing, with an additional fact labelled on there, or listed underneath.  

ii) Or do each country separately as a mini fact-file.  Perhaps draw its outline, its flag, and write down its capital and one extra fact.  


All of the information you will need to do this can be found on the website below.  Though if you have an atlas, use that!

We will be welcoming back more pupils returning to school from Monday 29th June with 2 bubbles of Year 1 and Year 5.............We will now have 45% of our pupils back in school but have run out of rooms and staff!.............The school continues to remain open as usual to vulnerable children and children of key workers in Years 2-4 (places are limited) - to book a place please contact the school office via or use the contact form on this website .............Take a look at our Noticeboard to see the activities the children in school have been getting up to.....................Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........