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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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I know we emphasize this repeatedly, but I hope you've done something active before you're reading this!  It really is the best way to start the day!  So assuming exercise done......


In your purple writing book:


a)  Today, bring together the writing skills you have practised this week (mainly the reported and direct speech) and some creativity!  


On Monday, you read a newspaper report about Millfield being closed because of a dragon attack.  Look back on the Monday page if you need to remind yourself of this, and especially the correct journalistic writing style.

Today, think of your own unusual reason for a school closure!  Write a newspaper report to explain the situation. You could easily use a pencil and ruler to divide up your page to look like a newspaper front page: title space, headline space, picture and two or three columns for the writing. 


The writing should include: 

- an attention-grabbing headline

- the 5Ws of the story (who, what, where, when, why)

- lots of detail about the 'what' has happened.

- reported speech (with 'who' clauses to give factual information about the speaker)

- direct speech

- imagination and creativity!  

- and a drawing for the 'photo' to show the story!


In your green maths book:


b) Simplifying fractions.  I know we did this fairly recently, so hopefully it will seem more straightforward this time!  To simplify a fraction, you are, like the last couple of days, finding an equivalent fraction, but this time, you are making the numerator and denominator smaller - in fact, you're making them as small as possible.  


e.g. Simplify 12/18.  


What we need to notice with these two numbers, is which times table they are both in.  12 and 18 are both multiples of 6.  This means that we can divide those two numbers by 6 to end up with 2 (from 12 ÷ 6) and 3 (from 18 ÷ 6).  


So 12/18 = 2/3


Another example: 


Simplify 27/36.  These two numbers are both in the 9x table.  So divide them both by 9.  


So 27/36 = 3/4


Choose your level.  Simplify each of these fractions: 




1.  12/16 =           2.  15/25 =

3.  9/21 =             4.  30/100 = 

5.  70/100 =         6.   10/35 = 

7.  16/28 =           8.  12/15 = 

9.  18/30 =          10.  18/27 = 

11.  15/45 =         12.  9/12 = 

13.  16/24 =         14.  15/18 =





1.  12/30 =            2.  15/55 =

3.  18/21 =            4.  30/200 = 

5.  16/56 =            6.   27/42 = 

7.  32/72 =            8.  12/54 = 

9.  24/108 =         10.  63/77 = 

11.  22/121 =        12.  26/65 = 

13.  34/51 =          14.  45/150 =



c)  Science.  See the attached poster of instructions.


Something practical to do - if you happen to have the ingredients in your house!  If not, you could obviously do this at any point, if you can't today: all of the ingredients are cheap, easy things to get hold of.  


Hopefully not too messy at home!



We will be welcoming back more pupils returning to school from Monday 29th June with 2 bubbles of Year 1 and Year 5.............We will now have 45% of our pupils back in school but have run out of rooms and staff!.............The school continues to remain open as usual to vulnerable children and children of key workers in Years 2-4 (places are limited) - to book a place please contact the school office via or use the contact form on this website .............Take a look at our Noticeboard to see the activities the children in school have been getting up to.....................Please see the class pages on this website for home based learning activities each day...........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........