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a) In your green maths book: 


Some mental maths today: doubling and halving.  

First of all, you should know all of your single-digit doubles facts instantly - i.e. double 4, double 9, double 7; and their opposites - half of 14, half of 16.  If not, go onto 'Hit The Button' and practice Doubles and select 'Doubles to 10'. If you do know them fine, still go onto 'Hit The Button', play the Doubles and the Halves games and see what level you are able to do!  How well can you improve?  (There are a number of levels to choose from, as you will see).


Now do some in your book.  First of all some doubling.  Choose your level.  You ought to be able to double a 2-digit number mentally by partitioning the number into tens and units, doubling each part and adding them together...then write your answer.  (e.g. Double 65In my head.....double 60 is 120.....double 5 is 10....120 + 10 =....130. )

Brown Belt Level. Double:


1. 34        2.  42      3.  25       4.  36      5.  56        6.  49      7.  127       8. 245


Black Belt Level. Double:


1.  64       2.  75      3.  226       4.  87       5.  349       6.  278        7.  657     8.  738


Now for some halving.  This is easy if the tens digit is an even number; harder if it is an odd number.  It will help you to think of what the even number is below that odd number, and halve that.  e.g. Halve 70.  Hmmm.  Well half of 60 is half of 70 must be 35.

e.g. Half of 78.  So 78 will split into 60 and 18.  Half of 60 is 30....half of 18 is 9.... so half of 78 is....39.  


Brown belt level. Halve:


1.  46     2.  28       3.  84        4.  110       5.  146      6.  32   7.  56     8. 94


Black belt level. Halve:


1.  108    2.  166       3.  74        4.  92        5.  138       6.  194        7.  256     8.  934


Challenge question.  What is the largest 3 digit number that you can double....and still get a 3 digit answer?


In your purple writing book:


b) Carry on with the story writing from yesterday.  If you were only at the planning stage yesterday, no problem - start with the actual story today.  Remember a good story should include some description of scenes and characters and some speech, as well as the action that the characters are doing.  

Can you include some of the sentence structures you've practised recently?  Using the words which/who/where to add a detail to a sentence, or starting with a conjunction: While...., After....., Although...., etc.  


c)  Time to do some learning from other subjects: Music and RE.  Follow the link below to the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons page.  Have a go at the Music - Rhythm and Pulse Lesson, and RE - The Story of Rama and Sita.  Watch the video clips and have a go at the activities there.  


In your book, note down what is meant by 'Rhythm' and 'Pulse', and write a brief re-telling (no more than 6-10 sentences) of the story of Rama and Sita. 






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