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Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Sycamore Class!

How did you get on with yesterdays work? You’ve done a brilliant job with your home learning this half term, Mrs Crosswell and I are very proud of you.


Active Start

Let’s get started with an active start activity. You could pick from the list below, or think of your own.

  • Joe Wicks workout
  • Oti Mabuse is still doing her daily dance sessions on YouTube (Oti Mabuse Official).
  • Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga (
  • How many laps of you garden can you run in 10 minutes? Record the number and see if you can beat it tomorrow.
  • Set up a carousel of activities in your garden. Use what you can find to make an obstacle course- a slalom to run around, things to jump, something to climb under, some skipping, jogging on the spot, star jumps
  • Choose your favourite song and create a dance routine to go with it. Practice until you’re happy with it.


Daily Jobs

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Choose somewhere comfortable with your favourite book! Don’t forget, you can also read magazines, internet articles, read online using your Bug Club/ Active Learn login. If you have younger brothers or sisters you could read them a story too.

You can also access book-band level books on the Oxford Owl Website:

  • Practise your spellings- choose 5 from the list in your pack. Use ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ to practise them, like we do in class.
  • Practise your times tables. You could do this by writing them down, playing ‘hit the button’ (or other online games on Active Learn), make up a song or rhyme to go with the times tables you’re practising.



Firstly, here are the answers to the challenges I set yesterday:



Mild Challenge

Medium challenge

Spicy Challenge


23  <    54

138   >   19

9       <      12


17   <    28

32   <     103

20     >      12


30   >   10

89    <    294

36     >      34


37  >    17

198   >   134

141    >      140


93   >   39

391   <   490

115    <      190


21   <    30

183   >    180

399   >      377


28   >   26

873  <    972

975   >      924


94   >   90

249   <    349

446   >      241


Today we are going to order numbers. We need to use their place value to help us.


We start by looking at if a number has only ones, or if it’s got tens, hundreds, thousands etc. If we were comparing 13 and 192, we know 192 must be bigger because it has numbers in the hundreds column, so it doesn’t matter what numbers are in the tens or ones column.


But if we were ordering 173 and 193, both are in the ‘hundreds’, so now we need to look at the tens column. 90 is bigger then 70, so 193 is bigger then 173.


If we had two numbers that had the same hundreds and tens, then we look in the units column. For example, with 173 and 176, they both have 1 hundred and 7 tens, but 6 is bigger than 3, so 176 is bigger than 173.


Think about the following numbers.

204           265          98            350             18        


Which is the smallest? This one would go first… Try ordering them yourself. If you’re not sure, try picturing a number line and imagining where each number would go.


Here is the correct order.

18            98            204            265          350         


Did you get it right? How easy did you find it? Below there are three levels of challenge. Mild is ordering numbers to 100, Medium is ordering numbers to 1000, and Spicy is a problem solving and ordering to 1000 challenge. Choose your challenge level. If you can’t print the sheet out, then draw a number line in your maths book. Make sure you use a ruler.

If you want to do any more practise, there are lots of games to do with ordering numbers here:



It’s Friday spellings day. The words we’re going to look at today are all spelt with ‘ear’ but that make an ‘er’ sound. Read through the words in your list below. Do you know what each of them means? Look them up in a dictionary if you’re not sure

Miss H’s group

Mrs M and Ms L’s groups

















Today I’d like you to practise them using ‘look-say-cover-write-check’ as usual, but for something a bit different I want you to write them in an interesting way. For example, some of you might have chalks and decide to practise writing your spellings on some paving in your garden, or perhaps use water and a paintbrush to paint the words. You could use a stick and write the spellings in sand, on a LCD writing pad or using invisible ink (write the spellings out using a white wax crayon, then paint over the top once you’ve finished to reveal your spellings). Use a computer, a whiteboard or something else.

I hope this is something you can get really creative with, and look forward to seeing some of your spellings!


Sing Up song of the week:

Friday afternoon is usually time for singing. On Monday, Mrs Crosswell introduced you to the Sing Up song of the week, about the baby beluga whale. Listen to it again and try to join in with as much as much as you can remember.


Fun time Friday

As it’s Friday and the end of this half term, I thought it would be fun to do some art or craft activities. I know Mrs Crosswell has been busy making a patchwork quilt and I have been making pompoms for a project I’m doing. Last week, Lucas sent me pictures of him doing some painting outside.


It is totally up to you what creative activity you decide to do, just make sure you enjoy it! It could be drawing, colouring, junk modelling, sculpting with salt dough, papier mache, sewing, a woodwork challenge.. You may need an adult to help you if you choose something ambitious! This is a great time to try something out and learn new skills. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask an adult to look on Pinterest with you. There are some amazing ideas on there.



Well done for finishing your home learning tasks. You are now ready for your half term break! Remember to keep watering your seeds, and make a note in your seed diary if you see any changes.


Have a lovely break from learning. Make sure you enjoy the weather, have lots of fun, but most importantly stay safe!  


Mrs Monsey 

Oops- I've just realised that I didn't give you the answers for the English from yesterday. Here they are: 


  1. I gave Paul’s book to the teacher.
  2. I waved to my friend’s children when I saw them walking along.
  3. I always visit my mum’s house when I have time.
  4. The three boys’ shoes were very muddy.
  5. My family’s favourite game is Monopoly
  6. The horses’ tails needed a good brush.
  7. My sister’s hair is much darker than mine.
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