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Friday 17th July 2020

I can’t quite believe it, but today is my last day of teaching Sycamore class! Mrs Crosswell will be setting some home-learning activities on Monday and Tuesday (and you will be able to access the new class page for your September Year 4 classes) but this is the last time I’ll be setting home learning activities.


This school year has gone so quickly and I’ve really enjoyed being your class teacher. I know the year hasn’t ended how any of us thought it would, and I really miss being in school with you all, but you have been absolutely amazing all year (both in school and during home learning). Mrs Crosswell and I are so proud of how much you’ve learnt, and how much you’ve changed this year. You are going to be brilliant in Year 4.


So, as it’s my last day of home-school learning for this year, I’ve planned another day of (hopefully) fun activities- so here we go!!



For our English activity today, I’ve got some ‘would you rather…?’ questions for you to think about! Have a look through the power point below and think about which you would rather, and why. For example, would you rather have a pet crocodile or a pet rhino? Why?


I would like you to choose 3 of your favourite ‘would you rather’ questions and write a paragraph for each explaining which choice you would prefer, and why! For example you might say “I’d much rather have a crocodile as a pet because…” Think carefully about your reasons and try to include as many reasons as you can.


How did you get on with the code breaking challenges yesterday? Did you solve them? Here are the answers, just in case you need them:

Today in maths I want you to set your own codes for others to break. Use the grid below to help you.



Please use this as a way of passing on kind or funny messages to your friends and family.




Firstly, decide on what message you want to set. It could be to a family member or (if you send me a picture) to the rest of the class.


EG you might send the message ‘hello’

Write down your message on a small piece of paper, with one letter per line  (but keep it secret!).







Next to each letter, use the letter grid above (A=1, B=2, C=3 etc) and write down the number that matches each letter

H = 8

E = 5

L = 12

L = 12

O = 15


Think of a maths question that has the answer to match the number of your letters.


You can make the clues easy or trickier, like the challenges I set yesterday

EG to make H answer 8, I could give the clue 4 + 4


H = 8      4 + 4

E = 5      10 - 5

L = 12     8 + 4

L = 12     Double 6

O = 15     3 x 5


Once you’ve made a clue for each letter of your code, write out the clues in your maths book (but do NOT write down the answers or letters)


4 + 4

10 - 5

8 + 4

Double 6

3 x 5


Give the clues and letter grid (which says A=1, B=2 etc) to someone in your family to solve. Or take a photo and ask an adult to email them to me for your classmates to solve.

4 + 4

10 - 5

8 + 4

Double 6

3 x 5



End of term fun!

How did you get on with the ‘guess the teacher’ quiz yesterday? I think some of them were much easier than others but I hope you enjoyed guessing! The answers are in the power point below.

How many did you get right? Some of the other classes will be doing the quiz next week, so please don’t give the answers away!

For your afternoon activities today, as it’s our ‘virtual’ final afternoon, I’m giving you some choices!


  • You could choose to play ‘Flap the fish’. This is a game that is really good fun! You need at least 2 people to play it. On a piece of paper, draw a fish shape and cut it out. You can decorate it if you want.


Then you and the person you’re playing with need to get a book or newspaper each. Put your fish on the floor and decide on a start and finish point. Use your book and wave it up and down just above the fish- you might need to practise first! It will create air which will push your fish along. This game is a race to see who can ‘flap’ their fish over the finish line first.  



  • You might want to spend some time enjoying doing some artwork. If you have paints available, you could try painting a picture of your garden.


  • Here are some mindfulness colouring pages that you could print out and colour in. 
  • Go back to the ‘would you rather’ quiz and think up some ‘would you rather’ questions of your own. You could ask these to a family member.


  • Go outside and check on the plants and vegetables that you’ve grown. Make sure that they have enough water and are growing well.


Those are my final home learning activities for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. As I said earlier, you have been amazing this year and I’m so proud of how much you have learnt.

Mrs Crosswell and I have got a small end of year gift for each of you to say 'thank you' for being brilliant. These can be collected from school on Monday or Tuesday, or will be saved until September.


I hope you have a truly incredible summer of fun. Keep safe, and I’ll see you when you’re in Year 4!


Happy summer!   

Mrs Monsey 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th September...........................Please take a look at the Noticeboard for the latest update on our plans for a safe return to school.......Take a look at our new class pages for September 2020 and find out about your new teacher who has suggested some fun ideas for you during the summer holidays if you are looking for inspiration! ...................................... Some teachers have recorded stories for you to listen to on the Video Resource Centre on the Children's section of this website ............................Please take a look around our website to find out more about our Good school..........................Would you like to work at Millfield? ...Check out our vacancies in the 'About Us' section...........