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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Assessment in Science

Millfield Primary School

At Millfield we will assess pupils’ progress and attainment in Science using a range of the following strategies: 

Formative Assessment:

Prior Learning - Mind mapping: Used at the beginning of a unit – this could be completed individually, small groups or as a whole class. Vary the approach to this to avoid it becoming mundane, eg post-it notes, graffiti walls, think/share/pair etc.

On-going assessment

When planning a unit of work, teachers will build assessment criteria in as they plan. Teachers will use the learning objectives in each lesson to review children’s understanding through their oral comments during the lesson or independent work.

The Knowledge and Working Scientifically Matrices provide age appropriate expectations to be used to gauge children’s understanding as well as expected prior learning for the key stage before.

Summative Assessment:

  1. Quizzes

The children’s recall and understanding of the unit objectives will be assessed using end of term quizzes. This will include knowledge and working scientifically skills.

  1.  In Y2 children are assessed against the KS1 Assessment Framework for Science. 

In year 6 children are assessed against the Assessment Frameworks for   Science. 


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