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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Apple Tree Class




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This Spring Term we are becoming Arctic Adventurers and Time TravellersAs we travel across the snowy landscapes we will learn about penguins, eskimoes, ice and follow any other icy interests that the children are excited and motivated by.


The wonderful book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers starts us thinking about penguins prompting us to ask the question...

I wonder what it is like to live where penguins live. 

The book also allows us to explore what a real friend is and how we can be the same.



Briefly interrupting this theme we ask - 

I wonder how we can celebrate Chinese New Year.

We learn about the story behind Chinese New Year and the traditions that surround it, the opportunities for creating Chinese crafts, dragon dancing and food tasting will all be used to excite and motivate our learners!    


As Time Travellers we whizz back to a time where huge beasts lived...yes the dinosaurs.  We explore how their remains can give us clues to how they lived in the past.  We will discover how they lived, how they survived and what finally happened to them. 

  As always we will be giving the children the confidence to follow their own interests along the way, generating their own learning questions and ideas so we never know quite where our learning journey may end up!   

Children will have daily lessons for Maths, Phonics and Literacy, reinforcing and improving those fundamental skills that run through all our learning.  We adopt a practical approach that allows them to use and apply their knowledge in different contexts.


DON'T FORGET our Reading Bears, Maths Monster and Mystery Bag will be dropping in to provide individual opportunities to develop and share Communication & Language, Literacy and Maths' skills.


 As ever with so much happening, keep an eye on the key dates that are coming up!

(Diary sheets, Parent Mail letters, school website and Tapestry will help!).


Tapestry is always being updated with your child's learning.  Don't forget to add to your child's Tapestry account to enable us to generate the most accurate picture of your child's development and progress. This will allow us to support your child's learning in the most relevant and meaningful way possible!


P.E. days this term is Thursday please ensure P.E. kit is in school at all times.




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Miss Brooks or any other member of the Foundation Phase staff.

Welcome to Millfield Primary School ........We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...........................Please see our latest job vacancies in the 'About Us' section of this website.