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Pear Tree Class

Welcome to Pear Tree Class

Welcome back to the Summer Term smiley

Our Learning Theme for this term is

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'


Image result for Norfolk seaside postcard


In History we will learn about: the life of a local famous man, 'Henry Blogg' and how he contributed to local society. We will also look at how holidays at the seaside have changed including Cromer in the Victorian times.


In Geography we will learn about: features along our local coastline. We will use some aerial photos to explore inland and coastal areas, noting key features and landmarks. We'll learn all about what physical and human features Cromer has. We will also learn to use geographical vocabulary that relates to physical and human features.


In Science we will learn about: habitats will be our main focus this term. We will explore a variety of places and the creatures that live there and look at how the habitats provide the things they need to survive.  


In Design Technology we will learn about: making a healthy lunch, focusing on making healthy sandwiches. We're going to use the lovely book 'The lighthouse keeper’s lunch' as our inspiration.


In Art we will learn about: developing our skills of sketching. We will enjoy using pencils of different thicknesses, charcoal and chalk and begin drawing different shapes to eventually be able to create pictures of fossils and shells. 


In Music we will learn about: singing and accompanying songs about Rockpools!


In RE we will learn about: tolerance and respecting different cultures. We will focus on learning about Judaism this term.


In PE we will learn about: Swimming in the 1st half of the term. We are also lucky to have a Dance Coach on Friday mornings, who will work with the class on sessions about 'Magical Friendships' and 'Seasides'.


In PSHE we will learn about: making informed and considered choices about matters such as the environment, our use of body language and friendship.


In ICT we will learn about: Creating images and simple text for a holiday postcard.


In Computing we will learn about: Programming basics, using an online programme called 'Scratch'


In Languages we will learn about: Spanish


It's going to be a busy term, full of lots of fun learning!




Some other useful information for  you:

Image result for treeP.E- This half-term P.E. will be sessions will be on: Mondays: Swimming. Friday: Dance.

But this can be subject to change so please make sure your child has their full, named P.E. kit in school every day. We will also be getting ready for Sports Day after half term, and will do PE when possible so that the children are prepared.


Forest schools- Your child will be taking part in Forest school activities this term, which will be instead of our second P.E. lesson.  Please make sure your child has a named pair of wellies in school on a Thursday.


Home learning- Home learning will continue to be set on a Friday and collected in on a Monday.  


Reading- Please write in your child’s Reading Record book to let us know how they enjoyed their book and how well they read.  Every morning the children will be encouraged to put their finished book in a basket to be changed.  We do suggest that your child reads their book at least twice before changing it in order to work on their confidence, fluency and expression when reading.


Sid is our class  bear that has been going home with one child per week to do a book review.  He comes complete with  a book for your child to complete the book review.  There  will be  an  example of  the  things you  can  do for the  book review  in  Sid's book.


Barney is our Maths  Explorer  Bear and he has had some fantastic maths adventures with the children from our class so far! He will also continue to go home with one child per week.  He comes with a book for your child to record any Maths work that they do over the week, as well as a small suitcase of spare clothes!  There will be examples of the types of things you can do in Barney’s book,  such as   counting  money at the  shops,  weighing when baking, counting up the stairs  in  2's, finding shapes in the world  around us etc.


Every child will have both Sid and  Barney throughout the school year.  Please take care of them and make sure they behave themselves.  



If you have any questions please feel free to come and speak to either of us at the beginning or end of the school day.


Mrs  Crosswell (Monday/Tuesday) & Mrs Sorensen (Wed-Fri)

Appointments can also be made through the school office.

Welcome to a new school year - we are looking forward to another exciting and successful year; full of new and familiar experiences and having great fun whilst learning.